BREAKING: Fani Willis Responds to Affair Cell Data Claiming Her Calendars, Emails Prove She Wasn’t with Nathan Wade – BUT THE DATES DON’T MATCH UP!

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It appears Fani Willis is trying to exclude evidence.

Soros-backed Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis responded to a new court filing using her paramour Nathan Wade’s cell phone data to determine whether the two lied to the Court about when their romantic relationship began.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, authorities geo-tracked Nathan Wade and found that Nathan Wade made at least 35 visits to Fani’s Hapeville neighborhood before he was hired as the lead prosecutor in the lawfare RICO case against President Trump and 18 Trump associates.

“Nathan Wade appeared to make at least 35 visits to the Hapeville neighborhood where Fani Willis was living before the district attorney hired him to lead Fulton County’s election interference prosecution, according to cellphone data included in a court submission filed Friday.” – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

According to cell phone data, Wade visited the “Yeartie condo” where Willis was residing before he was hired in November 2021.

“Trump’s lawyers relied on data collected from Wade’s cellphone and cellphone tower transmissions to track his movements. It seems to contradict Wade’s testimony last week in which he said he had visited Willis at her condo in Hapeville no more than 10 times before he was hired in November 2021. It also indicates Wade twice arrived late at night at the condo and left early the next morning in the months before Willis and Wade said their relationship became romantic early in 2022.” The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

A desperate Fani Willis responded to the latest allegations in a court filing Friday evening.

“The records do nothing more than demonstrate that Special Prosecutor Wade’s telephone was located somewhere within a densely populated multiple-mile radius where various residences, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other businesses are located,” Fani Willis said in a motion reviewed by this reporter.

Additionally, Fani Willis submitted her calendar and emails to ‘prove’ she wasn’t with Nathan Wade on September 11-12 and November 30, 2021 – but the dates don’t match up with when the hook-ups took place.

Screenshots of Fani Willis’s calendar, emails with the dates that don’t match:

Nathan Wade and Fani Willis lied to the Court

The lies became more evident last week during an evidentiary hearing about misconduct by Fani Willis as Judge Scott McAfee weighs whether she should be disqualified from the Trump RICO case.

Last Thursday morning witness Robin Yeartie who worked in Fani Willis’s office testified that Fani Willis and Nathan Wade started their relationship in 2019 – before Willis assigned Nathan Wade as lead prosecutor in the RICO lawfare case against President Trump.

Next up Nathan Wade took the stand and was grilled about his sexual relationship with Fani Willis.

Nathan Wade sweat bullets as he was forced to admit he may have provided a false answer to an interrogatory (in a civil proceeding about his divorce case) about ‘entertaining’ Fani Willis while he was still married to his wife Jocelyn Wade.

Wade lied to the court in a civil proceeding about his divorce, provided false statements in a brief submitted and signed by Fani Willis AND lied on the witness stand.

Watch Wade lie about the number of times he visited Fani Willis’s condo in 2021:

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