Breaking: German Minister Classifies Conservative AfD Party as “Right Wing Extremist Organization” After AfD Beats Socialist Parties in Latest Elections!

The Alternative for Germany is becoming increasingly popular among German citizens and voters.

Germany’s Deutsche Welle atttempted to defend the decision.

The agency said it had assessed numerous statements from functionaries and elected officials of the far-right party, as anti-Muslim, antisemitic, and racist before making the assessment.

The AfD’s Saxony-Anhalt branch has been under formal suspicion of far-right extremism since 2021.

BfV head Jochen Hollmann said his organization had now gathered extensive information that showed the association’s values were incompatible with human dignity, democracy, and the rule of law.

“The regional association not only continues to hold anti-constitutional positions that led to its classification as a suspected case, but has also become radicalized to such an extent since the coronavirus pandemic that systematic observation using intelligence service means is justified.”

The designation gives the BfV more options when it comes to broader options and greater authority when it comes to surveillance of the party at the state level.

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