BREAKING: Judge Cannon Will Delay Jack Smith’s Classified Documents Trial Against Trump – Scolds Special Counsel AGAIN!

Judge Aileen Cannon will delay Jack Smith’s classified documents trial against President Trump.

Details of the order to follow.

Trump’s lawyers on Wednesday afternoon attended a hearing in Fort Pierce, Florida on whether Judge Cannon will agree to postpone the classified documents trial currently scheduled for May 2024.

On Tuesday, Trump and his attorneys visited a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) to view classified material related to Jack Smith’s case ahead of Wednesday’s hearing, according to a leak to ABC News.

There are more than 1.3 million documents and years worth of Mar-a-Lago footage to review. Furthermore, Jack Smith hit Trump with 3 additional charges in a superseding indictment in the classified documents case in July several weeks after the first indictment.

Trump’s lawyers rightfully asked Cannon to postpone the classified documents trial. Jack Smith is breaking DOJ rules, purposely overwhelming Trump’s attorneys and forcing them to split time between DC and Florida.

Blanche and Kise said Jack Smith’s Florida classified docs trial set for May 20 and his separate March 4 DC trial regarding Trump’s so-called effort to stop the transfer of power set for March 4 require “Trump and his lawyers to be in two places at once.”

“The March 4, 2023 trial date in the District of Columbia, and the underlying schedule in that case, currently require President Trump and his lawyers to be in two places at once,” Trump’s lawyers wrote, according to CBS News. “And, months after the Office’s representation to the Court, discovery is not complete in this case—including with respect to the classified documents at issue in more than 25% of the [Espionage Act] counts in the Superseding Indictment.”

Judge Cannon admonished one of Jack Smith’s prosecutors, according to Julie Kelly who attended Wednesday’s hearing.

She asked DOJ prosecutor Jay Bratt for an example of DOJ bringing two criminal cases against same defendant in a “compressed” schedule while demanding trial dates 2.5 months apart.

Bratt had no answer!

Trump’s attorneys also filed a motion for a stay in the January 6 case in DC late Wednesday evening.

“President Trump respectfully requests that the Court stay all proceedings in this case pending resolution of his Immunity Motion,” Trump’s lawyers wrote in the motion filed Wednesday evening.

Jack Smith fumed and attacked Trump in a Thursday morning filing.

“As the Government argued to the Court yesterday, the trial date in the District of Columbia case should not be a determinative factor in the Court’s decision whether to modify the dates in this matter,” the special counsel said in the Thursday morning filing, according to ABC News. “Defendant Trump’s actions in the hours following the hearing in this case illustrate the point and confirm his overriding interest in delaying both trials at any cost.”

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