British PM Sunak Again Faces Friendly Fire by Tories, Accused of Betraying Brexit and Bowing To European Woke Legislation

Trailing the Labour opposition in the polls in the run-up to general election later this year, British PM Rishi Sunak is also facing constant rebellion among his Conservative Party ranks.

This time, the controversy may have been well earned, as Sunak faces is alleged to have ‘undermined the benefits of Brexit’, by ‘quietly writing EU equality rules into British law’.

Tory MPs have sounded alarm over regulations that could open the door to firms being sued over issues such as caregivers being denied the right to work from home.

Daily Mail reported:

“Ministers pushed through the changes, which give force to European Court of Justice rulings, before Christmas despite 10 Conservatives voting against and others abstaining.

However, the government said it was still ‘carefully’ considering concerns about the move and could make further amendments to the 2010 Equality Act if necessary.”

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The EU-inspired law may mean that workers would be able to sue for ‘indirect discrimination’ if they were subject to the ‘same disadvantage’ as gay people or members of religions.

There’s also concerns about whether firms could face legal action if executives make ‘discriminatory comments’ about hiring certain types of workers, even if they were not recruiting at the time.

“Former Cabinet minister Jacob Rees-Mogg – who abstained in the vote – told the newspaper: ‘Not only people who voted for Brexit, but people who didn’t, would think that implementing ECJ judgments in any form is simply weird. We have left the EU’.

He added: ‘I cannot understand why the Government wishes to put more burdens on businesses and add to the Equality Act’s damage to our economic vibrancy’.”

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Many people wonder why, after the difficult, years-long process of Brexit, Conservative politicians like Sunak still yield to failed Globalist policies.

Britain has not been bound by ECJ case law since the end of 2023. The amendments covered other issues that were not disputed by MPs.

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The Sunak government says the new legislation is ‘essential’ to ‘ensure that existing key rights and principles such as equal pay and protections for breastfeeding women were enshrined in law’.

“‘We are not restating EU Law where it is not needed. This legislation applies only to directly discriminatory statements relating to recruitment decisions,’ the spokesman said.

‘Individuals will continue to be free to express their personal beliefs as they are at present. ‘However we have noted a number of concerns from MPs and are giving these careful consideration. We have not ruled out the possibility of making further amendments to legislation’.”

Labour opposition laughs at all that lack of common purpose by the Conservatives that have been in power for the last 14 years.

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