Bud Light Now Co-Sponsoring an ALL AGES Drag Show Party – Mexican Competitor Officially Dethrones Woke Company as America’s Number 1 Beer

Just when one thought the news for Bud Light could not get worse, it has.

News broke today that the woke company officially lost its position as the America’s number one beer to a Mexican competitor. This is the first time since 2001 that Bud Light has not been in the top spot when Budweiser was number one.

The Daily Mail reported in the four weeks ending May 28, Modelo Especial store sales blasted past $333 million, a 15.6% increase over the same period last year. This exceeded Bud Light’s $297 million, which is a whopping 22.8% fall in sales compared to the same time last year.

Modelo, like Bud Light, is an InBev product. Consumers who have switched over to the Mexican beer in hopes of sticking it to woke America have miscalculated.

But Bud Light apparently wants to fall further down the rankings and potentially go bankrupt before the year is over. What better to accomplish this to align with the radical left LGBTQ mafia and help throw an all ages (meaning infants and children) drag party?

As Fox News revealed, the disgraced beer company is listed as a co-sponsor for an all-ages drag party called “Pride in the Pines” in Flagstaff, Arizona. One can find Bud Light listed on Flagstaff Pride’s website, which is hosting the event.

Other corporate companies co-sponsoring the June 17 event include Old Navy, Toyota, and Coca-Cola USA.

The event is being advertised as “family friendly” and a “safe space” for all visitors. Of course, what the radical left LGBTQ community calls “family friendly” differs from ordinary Americans’ definition.

Fox News notes that photos on Flagstaff Pride’s website show photos of infants, young children, and adults smiling and laughing with drag performers.

Here are some photos:

Credit: Flagstaff Pride Media
Credit: Flagstaff Pride Website
Credit: Flagstaff Pride Media

While there is no nudity in the photos, other so-called “family friendly” drag events in America have featured decidedly adult content as Fox News notes. One example is a Pride event in West Hollywood, California where men were depicting a graphic BDSM sexual act in videos that later went viral online.

Imagine if video emerges from the Flagstaff event showing similar explicit acts. Bud Light might end up merely a memory by year’s end.

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