“Burned Alive:” Explosion Kills 18,000 Cows In Texas

A dairy farm in Texas was rocked by a massive explosion that resulted in the deaths of thousands of cattle, reported local media outlet KFDA

Fire crews in Dimmitt, Texas, responded to an explosion and fire that engulfed multiple building structures at South Fork Dairy on Monday evening. Reports suggest over 18,000 cattle were killed in the blaze.

Castro County Sheriff Sal Rivera said the fire resulted from an explosion that spread to the building where the cows are housed before bringing them into the milking area and holding pen. 

KFDA quoted the Animal Welfare Institute, saying this is the deadliest barn fire in Texas since 2013. 

“We hope the industry will remain focused on this issue and strongly encourage farms to adopt commonsense fire safety measures.

“It is hard to imagine anything worse than being burned alive,” Margie Fishman, Public Relations Manager with AWF. 

Videos of the explosion are absolutely shocking. 

Add this explosion to the long list of unexplainable fires at food processing plants in the past 12 months

Following the dozens of fires, some Americans are raising concerns about the durability of food supply chains. Some have gone as far as ask: Is America’s food industry being sabotaged?

Think about it, no fake meat or soy plants are mysteriously catching on fire… 


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