BUYER BEWARE: Northwest Grocery Store Chain Puts Woke Message On Card Machine to Push Customers to Donate to Far-Left, Racially Divisive “Charities” (PHOTO)

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

American customers during checkout are often asked whether they want to make a donation to a charity such as St Jude’s Children’s Hospital. But one grocery chain in the Northwest has a more nefarious idea in mind for customer donations.

Fox News reported that a Haggen, Washington State-based grocery chain, is using a woke prompt on the card machine to push customers at the self-checkout line to donate to far-left causes.

Fox News obtained photographs of the woke screen display, which asks Haggen customers if they would like to hand over their hard-earned cash to raise “DEI awareness.” DEI stands for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

“Would you like to donate to help advocate for DEI awareness?” it reads. Underneath the message, the display prompts shoppers to donate $1, $3, $5, and “other” amounts while also allowing them to opt-out.

Credit: Fox News

The Haggen Foundation website notes that the DEI donations campaign will benefit charities supporting far-left policies, including the Northwest Justice Project. As Fox News notes, this is a law firm which seeks to challenge “structural and racial inequities to promote the long-term well-being of low-income individuals, families and communities across Washington State.”

Other woke “nonprofits” the Haggen Foundation gives money to include the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project (NIRP) and Empower Next Generations. The NIRP is the most blatant in terms of woke messaging.

We are connected by our common humanity, by global forces that affect our lives, and by historic patterns of oppression, discrimination and inequity. For society to be just and whole, we must work together to undo systemic oppression in its many forms.

Haggen is one of several grocery stores owned by Albertsons. When Fox News reached out to them regarding the DEI prompt and the far-left causes their foundation gives to, the company sidestepped the question and gaslight the network.

Instead, Albertsons focused on the more noncontroversial nonprofits the Haggen gives to:

The fundraising campaign currently being conducted at Haggen in Washington will benefit non-profit organizations such as Down Syndrome Center of Puget Sound, Special Olympics Washington, Disability Rights Washington, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and American Cancer Society.

But if giving to disadvantaged individuals were Haggen’s primary purpose, the prompt would instead read something like “would you like to donate to help people with disabilities and cancer?” But they instead insist on pushing the radical left’s agenda.

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