CALL TO ACTION: Gatewaty Pundit Readers, YOU Can Help Get One of Us into the US Senate – Cara Castronuova is The ONLY Electable and Pro-Trump GOP Candidate in New York

This is the last chance to get an America First Gateway Pundit reporter and outspoken supporter of President Trump onto the New York 2024 Republican primary ballot against RINO Mike Sapraicone for the United States Senate.

We have to get the New York Republican Party behind Cara Castronuova. You can look up the Republican County Chairs in each New York State county and tell them to get behind the people by supporting Cara. Also, call the Albany GOP Headquarters at (518) 462-2601 and ask the New York State GOP Chairman to consider Cara Castronuova.

Castronuova is a born fighter. She is a 2-time Golden Gloves Boxing Champion and was head trainer on NBC’s The Biggest Loser. Cara was a spokeswoman for Puma and Everlast Boxing and spent her early career as a celebrity fitness trainer.

As a natural fighter, Castronouva has dedicated herself to getting justice for those wrongfully convicted over January 6 and has long fought against medical tyranny. She did this, in part, by founding “Liberate New York” and “Citizens Against Political Persecution.”

Cara was and still is an unwavering voice for J6 Defendants, and she will fight for you, too, in the Senate.

“I was one of the first people out there fighting for the J6 prisoners, tooth and nail, and I will fight for New York and America the same way. I will not back down,” Cara told The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson.

Cara Castronuova is also a pro-Second Amendment and believes in zero infringement on American gun rights. Cara is 100% against endless wars and sending American troops to defend Ukraine’s borders, especially as the American borders are wide open and illegals are funneled into New York.

The same cannot be said for her RINO opponent, Mike Sapraicone, who is a democrat donor and supports funding Ukraine’s war with Russia and gun control, according to New Yorker and New York Young Republicans President Gavin Wax.

Sapraicone is “rabidly Never-Trump,” said Pro-Trump chairman Gavin Wax.

Watch Mike Sapraicone say that he “would support” sending US troops to Ukraine and Israel to fight foreign wars:

While serving with the 114th Precinct Detective Squad, Sapraicone faced at least four complaints alleging unlawful use of force and abuse of authority, and he was accused of suppressing evidence and fabricating a confession in one case where the judge found that the Defendant’s Brady Rights were violated. This resulted in a $3,300,000 Settlement paid out to Robert Majors, who was convicted of armed robbery and wrongfully incarcerated for 21 years.

This is precisely the sort of injustice Cara has devoted herself to fighting against for the past three years with the January 6 Defendants.

Sapraicone has also been sued multiple times for alleged wage violations at his private security firm.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, on Thursday, Republicans from all 62 New York counties will gather to vote on a candidate to run against Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand.

 Cara needs support from at least 25% of the county chairmen to make it on the GOP primary ballot.

The Gateway Pundit Reporter and Fearless America First Fighter Cara Castronuova Needs Your Help to Get on The Ballot for US Senate in NY GOP Primary – CONTACT NEW YORK REPUBLICAN CHAIRMAN HERE

Patriots across America can call Albany Headquarters at (518) 462-2601 and ask the New York State GOP Chairman to consider Cara Castronuova.

Donate to Castronuova’s Senate campaign here!

In December, Castronuova went down to the Bronx to take residents’ temperature on Joe Biden and their thoughts on Trump holding a rally:

President Trump later announced that he would hold rallies in the Bronx and at Madison Square Garden ahead of the 2024 election, likely after seeing Cara’s reporting on the topic.

Unlike her opponents, Cara knows the people of New York and resonates with them.

Who in New York, especially Independents, Democrats, and black or minority voters, will support a RINO dirty cop?

Please tell the Republican Party not to make the mistake of choosing an unelectable RINO candidate and destroying the nation.

It would be politically stupid to run these candidates instead of Cara, a celebrity fitness trainer, gold-glove champion fighter, and Chinese Philipino woman.

Even if you live outside New York State, you can still call Albany Headquarters at (518) 462-2601 and ask the NY Chairman to consider Cara Castronuova.

Those who wish to donate to Castronuova’s campaign can do so here.

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