Caroline Glick: Hamas Wanted to Destroy Israel on Oct. 7 but their Bloodlust and Urge to Rape Partygoers Spoiled their Plans

Israel was saved from total destruction by a miracle on October 7! Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah were actually plotting to destroy Israel completely, but the mentally challenged animals of Hamas jumped the gun and ruined the plan, driven to a frenzy of rape and murder by the sight of scantily-clad young women at the Supernova festival, reveals veteran journalist Caroline Glick.

On The Caroline Glick Show, Glick recounted how the pro-terror Biden-Obama-Regime is trying to make Israel stop attacking Hamas to implement a Palestinian Terror State, with US funding for Palestinian terror militias.

Citing counterterrorism expert Yair Ansbacher, Glick explained how “the actual war plan” was for Hamas and Hezbollah “to attack simultaneously. This was Iran’s plan to destroy Israel.” Fox News reporter Benjamin Weinthal claimed that the plan for the Oct. 7 attack was devised by Iranian terror chief Qassem Suleimani before President Donald Trump ordered his demise.

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) published a report Oct. 12 revealing that Iran’s Supreme Terror Leader Ali Khamenei hinted at “The Complete Conquest” of Israel on two different occasions, in 2022 and 2023.

Hamas and Hezbollah “were both supposed to penetrate with thousands of terrorists into Israel from the north and the south, slaughter and then move on,” Glick explained. “They were supposed to seize enough control over southern and northern Israel to paralyze the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) for weeks.”

There are a large number of air force bases in the south of Israel, as well as Dimona nuclear reactor in the Negev desert southeast of Be’ersheva, Glick noted.

“The tantalizing prospect of mass rape was too much to resist”

At the same time, the plan was to seize “hundreds, if not thousands” of hostages in Lebanon in the north and Gaza in the south. “That would be a strategic assault against Israel that could level the country. And that was the Iranian plan to defeat Israel in one day through this  coordinated massacre.”

“Why didn’t it happen?” Glick said. “Two reasons: Hamas jumped the gun because they had this Supernova music festival on the border… The tantalizing prospect of mass rape of young Israeli women, and mass murder of young Israeli partygoers was like a raw steak in front of a lion’s den. They just couldn’t resist the temptation. So it was their bloodlust that made them jump the gun.”

Not only did Hamas begin the attack without waiting for their Iranian-backed Hezbollah brethren in the north, but “they got stuck”, Glick explained. “They were supposed to progress to military bases far away from the Gaza border. They were supposed to leave people behind and keep going. But they didn’t. They stayed in these communities to burn and decapitate children and rape their mothers, and murder their fathers and take people hostage to Gaza, because they were so happy to be doing this and so excited that they forgot their strategic objective.”

“So as they were murdering the Israeli civilians, they were confronted by these Israeli readiness companies (militias) in the communities, and the Israeli soldiers who came from the various commando squads, that were able to stop them in their tracks”, Glick explained. “A thousand of these mass murderers were killed in Israel, the majority of the force, (by) our heroes on the front lawns of their homes.”

“It took the real army several hours to get its head together, and do their work,” Glick notes, “The incredible courage of the civilians (militias) and the commandos who came down and were able to stop them, due to their bloodlust, and the priority they put on slaughtering Jews, over defeating Israel.”

“So this was a miracle, in a crazy, twisted way. All they wanted to do was kill and kill in the most heinous, sadistic ways possible, which may very well have saved the State of Israel on Oct. 7.”

The average IQ of the fictional entity of “Palestine” is 77.69. It ranks #65 on the list of dumbest countries in the world.

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