Chicago Secretly Renews Contract with Covid Staffing Firm to Staff Migrant Shelters-Some Staff on Track to Make $800K Per Year

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson traveled to D.C. on Friday to push for more funding to handle the illegal crisis brought on by Joe Biden’s broken border.

Johnson, along with other big city mayors, is asking for an additional $5 billion more in federal funding from the Biden administration for aid for migrants.

Johnson said the services are costing the city an unsustainable $40 million per month.

Johnson and the City, however, have not been entirely transparent about where the money is going.

The Gateway Pundit reported that reporter William J. Kelly exposed how sites across Chicago are closed to Americans, including a luxury hotel on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, and are being used to house illegals.

The Inn of Chicago, The Standard Club, and parts of O’Hare Airport, have turned into multi-million dollar migrant shelters by Johnson.

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Now, Kelly has exposed that the City of Chicago has secretly renewed it’s $40 million dollar contract with a Kansas based staffing firm, Favorite Healthcare Staffing, which had a prior contract with the City as a Covid staffing company.

Kelly shares, “And now, magically, it is a migrant shelter manager.”

He writes on X, “Betrayed by Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson. Chicagoans are telling me that – never before – have they felt so betrayed by an elected official as they have by Mayor Brandon Johnson. Johnson flew to DC on Thursday to plead with President Biden for $5B to foot the bill for Chicago’s migrant expenses.”

“Late yesterday, we learned that – over the objections of Brighton Park residents – his Administration secretly signed a land deal for 90K a month to build his $19M winter migrant camp boondoggle for up to 3,000 migrants. This is on top of the millions he is paying Favorite Healthcare Staffing (a state COVID-19 staffing company) to manage and care for migrants – with invoices as large as $500K per week. Some staff are on track to make $800K per year. Nice work if you can get it! You can’t make this stuff up and why would you want to?”


NBC 5 reports that Favorite Healthcare Staffing received at least $56 million over the past year to staff the migrant shelters, according to city finance records.

An NBC 5 Investigates’ review of invoices for 400 Favorite Healthcare Staffing employees showed that Favorite routinely billed for 84 hours of work per week for most of their employees and that those rates ranged from nearly $50 to $156 an hour for regular pay and from $75 to $234 an hour for overtime during the four-week period we examined.

When it came to employees assigned to security, the invoices show that Favorite charged Chicago taxpayers a median payrate of $24,000 apiece for each security guard, for four weeks’ worth of work. That translates to an annual charge, for each security guard, of $312,000.

The invoices also show that for one registered nurse at the shelters, Favorite billed Chicago a total of more than $64,272 for four weeks’ worth of work. At that rate, taxpayers could’ve potentially paid more than $830,000 a year for this single nurse.

CBS 2 revealed that, despite filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in February requesting how the city has spent more than $100 million to care for new migrants,  the Chicago Office of Budget & Management has denied the request for transperancy.

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