‘Children Being Irrevocably Harmed’: Woman Urges California School Board to Heed Warnings of De-Transitioned Trans People

A brave woman spoke up at a California school board meeting this week attempting to defend children from harmful genital-mutilating so-called “gender-affirming care.”

In a clip from a Davis, Cali., school board meeting, activist Allie Snyder expressed concern about safeguarding children from choices that could have a lasting and hurtful impact on their lives.

“I wasn’t gonna speak tonight but just before the meeting I was publicly denounced for being hateful, ignorant and for harming people. So I’ll take the opportunity to set the record straight,” Snyder told the board.

“I’m coming from a place of love and compassion. I’m not attacking anyone. I’m sounding the alarm from a place of experience. Children are being irrevocably harmed in the name of a regressive, profoundly homophobic ideology.”

Snyder went on to urge board and audience members to listen to the voices of de-transitioned people.

“De-transition is not a rare occurrence. I have personally met 8 young women who’ve been profoundly harmed by ‘gender-affirming’ interventions, all of which were performed when they were confused children,” Snyder said.

“They could not possibly comprehend the consequences of these procedures and could not have give informed consent. They lost their breasts, are now in constant pain, and are watching as parts of their body are atrophying away.”

Snyder, a self-proclaimed “proud member of the Global Constituency of Women,” added that “trans kids” could be “protected” if people “stop sterilizing and medicalizing confused and vulnerable children.”

“Help them learn to accept themselves, because no child is born in the wrong body, and that is not a hateful thing to say. It’s not an attack. It’s a protection of vulnerable and confused children. Just listen to the de-transitioners,” she said.

After her speech, Snyder refuted comments by the Davis school board director, who described a “perceived narrative that parents like her and teachers are convincing children to be trans and that it stems from disinformation and propaganda.”

Snyder pointed to evidence Davis schools located in a very liberal county were seeing a surge in students identifying as trans.

She also pointed to a drag queen workshop sponsored by the school in partnership with the pro-LGBTQ Davis Phoenix Coalition as more proof the school is helping indoctrinate children into the trans ideology.

Ms. Snyder deserves praise for speaking up on behalf of the vulnerable. Children would be in a much better place if more adults stood up against the harmful leftist gender ideology that seeks to mutilate their bodies.

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