Chris Cuomo Tries to Hold Back Laughter While Interviewing TikTok Influencer Who is Raising Awareness About Tourette Syndrome (VIDEO)

Screenshot: Chris Cuomo with Bayleen Dupree/News Nation

TikTok influencer Baylen Dupree, known for her frank and humorous content, sat down with Chris Cuomo to discuss living with Tourette Syndrome. The interview, which aired on News Nation, shed light on the realities of the neurological condition and challenged misconceptions surrounding it.

Dupree, a West Virginia University freshman who is studying to become a nurse, has gained widespread recognition for her candid portrayal of life with Tourette Syndrome.

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder characterized by involuntary motor and vocal tics, a fact that Dupree emphasized during the interview.

Throughout the interview, Dupree clarified common misconceptions about Tourette Syndrome. She noted that not all individuals with the condition exhibit swearing tics, which are present in only about 10% of those diagnosed.

According to the CDC, known as coprolalia, this only affects about 1 in 10 people with Tourette. Coprolalia is a medical term that describes the involuntary use of obscene words or socially inappropriate remarks.

Dupree herself experienced tic episodes during the televised interview, flipping off the host and issuing expletives like “F*ck you, Chris,” and “Blow up that wiener.”

While such outbursts might normally stir controversy, the context of the conversation—and Dupree’s diagnosis—cast them in a different light. Instead of sparking backlash, the incident drew mixed reactions from the audience, with some feeling a touch of satisfaction given Cuomo’s past controversies.

Online platforms buzzed with reactions, including comments such as, “This was great, anytime someone gives Cuomo the bird is a win in my book,” and another adding, “She couldn’t have said it to a better person.”

Cuomo made an effort to keep the discussion on track despite the challenges presented by the situation. However, Cuomo loses composure at one point in the interview and tries to hold back laughter.


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