Clearly 3D Printing

[Joel] picked up a wireless mouse kit. The idea is you get some 3D printing files and hardware. You can print the shell or make modifications to it. You can even design your own shell from scratch. But [Joel] took a different approach. He created a case with transparent resin. You can see the impressive result in the video below.

While the idea of buying the mouse as a kit simplifies things, we would be more inclined to just gut a mouse and design a new case for it if we were so inclined. We were more impressed with the results with the transparent resin.

Having transparent 3D printing capabilities opens up some artistic possibilities, like the benchy inside a glass bottle that makes a guest appearance on the video. The only limitation we can see is that your entire print has to be clear unless you do some hacky workarounds. For example, it would have been cool to have a mouse that was only transparent through a window. Short of painting the finished product, this would be tough to do with modern printers.

Even though you can get transparent filament, FDM printers have to work hard to get even sort of transparent. Even then, the results can be impressive, but nothing like what [Joel] is doing in resin, of course.

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