Climate Change Brat and Hoaxer Greta Thunberg Interrupted at Dutch Protest — Makes Anti-Israel Rant: ‘No Climate Justice on Occupied Land’ (VIDEO)

Climate change hoaxer Greta Thunberg’s speech was briefly interrupted by an unexpected confrontation.

The incident occurred just moments after Thunberg invited a Palestinian and an Afghan woman to address the tens of thousands gathered in the Dutch capital, Chron reported.

The man, who is not yet identified, told Thunberg that he had come to the protest for a climate demonstration, not a political view, before he was ushered off the stage.

“I have come here for a climate demonstration, not a political view,” the man said.

Thunberg then criticized Israel by chanting “No climate justice in occupied land,” in reference to the ongoing conflict in the region.


Conspiracy theorist Greta Thunberg has publicly expressed her support for Palestinians in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict.

Thunberg shared a post on her Instagram account from a German-based pro-Palestinian group. The post, which Thunberg endorsed, alleges that a “genocide” is occurring in Gaza.

Responding to Thunberg’s statements, Arye Sharuz Shalicar, a spokesperson for the Israeli military, offered a sharp rebuke. Speaking to POLITICO, Shalicar labeled those who align with Thunberg’s views as “terror supporters,” criticizing her for not acknowledging the “massacres of Israelis.” He accused Thunberg of ignoring Palestinian or Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror, suggesting that her solidarity with Gaza was one-sided.

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