CLIMATE FAIL: New York to Scrap Most Its Offshore Wind Projects, Not Economically Viable

The state of New York has confirmed that it will be scrapping most of its signature offshore wind projects, in a major blow to all those pushing the climate change hoax.

The projects were intended to help the state achieve its goal of 70 percent renewable energy by 2030 while becoming a nationwide leader in renewable energy, although they have now been deemed unviable.

Politico reports:

NYSERDA, the state authority in charge of the deals, announced Friday that no final agreements could be reached with the three projects that received provisional awards in October 2023. Those bids were all linked to major supply chain investments by General Electric and a larger turbine it planned to build that was aimed at boosting the region’s renewable energy portfolio.

The report adds that while New York is not giving up on wind power entirely, the decision does represent a serious setback:

It’s not the total end of offshore wind in New York but does represent a setback. There are still some projects off the coast of Long Island and New Jersey on the drawing board and one is already operational.

Environmental advocates are alarmed by the challenges facing the industry. Offshore wind is key to reaching New York’s goal of 70 percent renewable energy sources by 2030, along with other longer-term targets. But there is growing evidence that the mandate will be hard to reach.

Such news underlines the growing body of evidence that wind power and other forms of renewable energies are not practical alternatives to meeting America’s long term energy needs, all while the Biden regime wages war on the country’s vast natural energy reserves.

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