Clueless Biden Administration Engaged Venezuela’s Socialist Dictator Maduro, Got Burned – Will Have To Reimpose the Trump Sanctions

The Joe Biden administration from Hell has a horrible track record with a number of mistakes that are simply unprecedented in number, scope, and gravity.

And its foreign policy is no exception. Everywhere we look, the US is engaging the wrong players for all the wrong reasons.

Take Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, for instance.

A socialist dictator, charged by the U.S. Justice Department with ‘narco-terrorism,’ drug trafficking, money laundering, and corruption.

He conspired with a faction of the Colombian Farc rebel group to flood the United States with cocaine and use drugs as a weapon against American communities. As a result the U.S. government has offered a $15 million reward for information leading to Maduro’s arrest.

Lovely fellow, right? Oh, and before I forget – the guy who is vowing to invade its neighbor Guyana and occupy TWO-THIRDS of their oil-rich territory.

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So, of course, this is a political player that old Joe Biden chooses to engage for all the wrong reasons and lift some of the Donald Trump-imposed sanctions on the ‘fugitive’.

To no one’s surprise, Maduro did not fulfill his end of the agreed bargain, and now the moronic Biden administration says it will not renew a license – set to expire early on tomorrow (18) – that had considerably eased Venezuela’s oil sanctions.

The move to reimpose punitive measures is a response to Maduro’s failure in the election commitments that he never really meant to meet.

US Treasury Department has issued a replacement license allowing companies 45 days to ‘wind down’ their business and transactions in Venezuela’s oil and gas sector.

Reuters reported:

“Washington had repeatedly threatened in recent months to reinstate energy sanctions unless Maduro made good on his promises that led to partial U.S. sanctions relief from October, following an election deal reached between the government and the Venezuelan opposition.”

The sweeping sanctions imposed by the Trump administration in 2019 were a reaction to Maduro’s sham re-election.

“While Maduro has met some commitments under last year’s deal, he has failed to meet others, including allowing the opposition to run the candidate of its choice against him in the July 28 presidential election, senior U.S. officials said on Wednesday.”

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The current six-month general license will expire without renewal just after midnight, according to State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller.

“‘We are concerned that Maduro and his representatives prevented the democratic opposition from registering the candidate of their choice, harassed and intimidated political opponents, and unjustly detained numerous political actors and members of civil society’, Miller said in a statement.”

Top U.S. concern about Venezuela’s electoral conditions is the crackdown on Maduro’s political opponents, especially the election ban on popular opposition candidate Maria Corina Machado.

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