Clueless Leaders Don’t Understand Why Recruitment for Woke Military is Down

Recruitment in our newly woke military is down across every division and the leaders of our armed forces don’t know why or are pretending not to know why.

The reasons are obvious to millions of average of Americans, some who served and even those who did not.

The people who would normally enlist have been demonized by the woke left which the military now celebrates. The COVID vaccine mandates are also playing a role.

And the fact that Joe Biden abandoned thousands of Americans and green card holders in Afghanistan and did not hesitate to put our soldiers in an impossible situation during the surrender to the Taliban certainly did not help.

This is not difficult to understand.

PJ Media reports:

America’s Military Leaders Swear ‘Wokeness’ Isn’t Reason Why Recruitment Sucks

The U.S. Army’s recruitment goal is at a three-year-low — down by so many military recruits that the missing troops represent an entire division of soldiers. But members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff swear woke politics has nothing to do with it.

Some congressional representatives disagree, which is why an Armed Services Committee hearing is set for Thursday about the impact of Joe Biden’s Army’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs on America’s “readiness, lethality, and cohesion of the military forces.”

The Army’s recruiting travails are so dire, and “today’s young Americans appear to be less interested in enlisting in the Army than they’ve been at almost any point in the last 50 years,” when Nixon ended the draft and instituted an all-volunteer force following the Vietnam bug out. The Army is bringing back the “Be All You Can Be” slogan re-tooled for the Gen Z audience…

Antipathy toward people with more conservative views has been underway for quite some time but was supercharged after Jan. 6, 2021, when it was assumed those who breached the Capitol Building were all Trump supporters and by extension conservatives. Some who went to see Trump’s speech that day were military veterans…

The military’s focus on DEI, which depends on Critical Race Theory, does little for esprit de corps and unit cohesion and nothing for the meritocracy the military has been known for. That’s a sea change likely to have the same disastrous results for the military as it has for education and banking.

This is a major national security issue.

None of the woke nonsense helps the military achieve its main goal of protecting America.

It’s dangerous.

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