Coffee Shop in Downtown Portland, OR Closing Due to Crime and ‘Extreme Violence’

Coava Coffee Roasters is a small business in Portalnd, Oregon which has decided to close their downtown location, citing not only crime but incidents of ‘extreme violence’ in the area.

It is just one of the latest businesses to close in a deeply blue city due to rising crime.

In recent years, this has become a serious problem in areas governed almost exclusively by Democrats.

KOIN News reports:

Coava Coffee shutters Downtown shop, blames crime, ‘extreme violence’

The Portland-based coffee shop chain and wholesaler Coava Coffee Roasters announced on social media that it plans to permanently close its downtown location at 1171 Jefferson Street on April 13, blaming the closure on an increase in crime and “extreme violence” in the area.

The business stated that it has been unable to reduce crime at the cafe despite its efforts to add more employees and provide them with de-escalation training and hazard pay. As a result, the company said that it can no longer manage the troubled location.

“The team members at this cafe have been on the front line enduring extreme violence and criminal activity on an almost daily basis for the last few years — crime and violence that is only increasing in frequency and severity,” Coava Coffee stated on its social media accounts. “From theft to physical displays of violence, threats of harm, break-ins, window smashing, and repeated traumatic in-cafe incidents where both staff and patrons feel unsafe.”

Opened in the summer of 2017, the Jefferson Street cafe was the business’s newest location. Coava’s espresso bar at 2631 Hawthorne Blvd. and its primary coffee bar at 1300 Grand Ave. are still open to the public. The company’s website states that its Public Brew Bar and Roastery at 1015 main Street remains “temporarily closed.”

Here’s a local video report:

Are you sensing a trend?

Do people on the left even realize that they are driving other people away?

What happens when all the local tax money dries up?

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