Comedian Terrence Williams ROASTS Nikki Haley After She Claims She was Teased Every Day for Being “BROWN” (VIDEO)

Comedian Terrence Williams humorously rebuked former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley after her comments about experiencing “racism” due to her “brown” skin.

Haley, during a joint interview with NBC News and The Des Moines Register, shared her struggles growing up in a small southern town as the only Indian family.

She recounted incidents of being teased for her skin color and the challenges she faced, including being disqualified from a beauty pageant for not fitting into predefined racial categories.

“We were the only Indian family in our small southern town. I was teased every day for being brown. So anyone who wants to question it can go back and look at what I’ve said on how hard it was to grow up in the Deep South as a brown girl,” said Haley.

“If you want to know what it was like growing up, I was disqualified from a beauty pageant because I wasn’t white or black because they didn’t know where to put me. So look, I know the hardships, the pain that come with racism. It’s the reason that I fight bullies every day when it comes to racism, antisemitism, or hate,” she added.


However, her comments did not sit well with comedian Terrence Williams.

In his video response, Williams humorously questioned Haley’s assertion of being “brown,” comparing her skin tone to various objects and sarcastically claiming himself as the only white family in Compton, California.


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