CONFIRMED: The Gateway Pundit and Cowboy Logic Offered Proof that the DOJ Altered Video Footage to Incriminate Oath Keepers at Trial – Now New Video Proves DOJ’s Main Witness Lied During Testimony

In July, The Gateway Pundit and Cowboy Logic offered proof that the DOJ altered video to incriminate the Oath Keepers during their trial.

Today we offer evidence that the DOJ’s star witness in the Oath Keepers trial, Special Agent David Lazarus. lied under oath and was not present during an alleged confrontation as he testified in court. He was in a different location.

In July 2023, Donna Fiducia and Don Neuen co-hosts of Cowboy Logic on Real America’s Voice, released evidence that the Biden DOJ edited footage from January 6 in order to convict innocent January 6 protesters and Oath Keepers members.

This is a very serious charge and Don and Donna provided all of the evidence on their show.

Don sent The Gateway Pundit this synopsis: During the Oath Keeper trials (all three trials), the issue of guarding Capitol Police Office Harry Dunn was a critical point.

The Oath Keepers correctly testified that they encountered Harry Dunn who was stressing out because he was alone and considerably outnumbered as the protesters made they way through the Capitol. Having noticed Harry Dunn (who was armed with an AR-15) was alone and stressed, the Oath Keepers tried to calm him down. They formed a semi-circle around him and faced away from him to prevent the crowd from encroaching on him. This was a truthful statement.

According to J6 defendant Kelly Meggs and other Oath Keepers, Officer Dunn’s testimony changed throughout the trial. His final testimony was that he felt threatened by the Oath Keepers. From the evidence we have gathered at The Gateway Pundit we believe Harry Dunn was not being honest during his testimony.  And there is now video to confirm this.

During their trials (OKI, OKII and OKIII), video footage provided by the prosecution was presented and given as “evidence” to the defense.  As Don and Donna and The Gateway Pundit reported on Saturday – This video footage was doctored by the federal government!

The video was from reporter Stephen Horn’s footage from J6. The Horn video is roughly 2 hours in length… Horn starts outside the capitol, then enters and then ends once again, outside.  Around the 55-minute timestamp, or around 48 minutes into the video file, Horn enters the Small House Rotunda where the Oath Keepers are seen guarding Officer Dunn. The video that was provided as trial evidence mysteriously stops with a freeze frame seconds before Horn approaches the Oath Keepers.

The end result is that during the Oath Keeper trials, video footage that shows the Oath Keepers guarding Office Dunn, in a semi-circle facing away from Dunn, and speaking with protestors to diffuse anger or hostile actions toward Office Dunn, was never seen in court and could not substantiate their claim. It was edited out by the prosecution!

No Oath Keeper in trials 1, 2 or 3 ever saw this footage in trial!

Kelly Meggs and Jessica Watkins both called Don and Donna when they watched the show on June 17, 2023. They both stated that this was the first time they have ever seen this footage. They also speculated that this evidence had been altered or tampered with by the DOJ prosecution to prevent validating their claim that they protected Dunn.

It should be noted that the full Stephen Horn video is public domain and was easy to obtain.

Don and Donna sync’d up the video and lined it up. The first clip was a 9-10 second clip that actually lasted 48 seconds… this is the footage that stops just before reaching and eventally walking past the Oath Keepers…

The second, and longest clip that was shown in court was about 3 minutes, 36 seconds long… But this video starts up about 3 minutes AFTER Horn passes the Oath Keepers around Officer Dunn… Horn returns to the Small House Rotunda during this clip, and a few members of the crowd are harrassing either Dunn or another officer(s) by chanting “Bully with a Badge”, but the Oath Keepers are not present.

The Oath Keepers never saw the footage of themselves guarding Dunn in the small house rotunda during their trial because it was illegally edited out!  They were told it was “damaged video” or a “camera malfunction”… It was NOT.

Don and Donna caught the Biden Department of Justice once again altering footage from January 6th that was presented at trial in order to incriminate innocent Americans.

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On Friday night Steve Baker from The Blaze TV released security camera evidence that Capitol Police Special Agent David Lazarus lied during this testimony at the Oath Keeper’s trial.

And there is no way that the DOJ prosecutors did not know that he was lying during his testimony.

David Lazarus said he witnessed Oath Keepers harassing Officer Harry Dunn in the Capitol Rotunda.  But new security camera images prove that Agent Lazarus was NOT PRESENT IN THE BUILDING AT THE TIME of the alleged incident!

It is clear from this explosive footage released by The Blaze and by previous footage that was hidden from the defendants during trial that the Biden Department of Justice committed at least two major lies during trial to incriminate the Oath Keepers.

What else did they lie about?

Were any of their claims legitimate?

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