Connor Stalions lookalike chased from arena during college basketball game skit

Michigan football’s sign-stealing scandal is the biggest story in sports to close the year. The Wolverines are undefeated and ranked No. 2 in the polls, but their charmed season has been under intense scrutiny because of allegations that a former staffer named Connor Stalions helped orchestrate a wide-ranging in-person, electronic sign-stealing scheme against Michigan’s opponents. Read our full explainer on the scandal here.

The Stalions story has bordered on the absurd from the very start, and only gets more ridiculous with every update. While Michigan and head coach Jim Harbaugh wait for the next shoe to drop in any potential punishment, the rest of the college sports landscape is having fun with it.

Just look at Thursday night’s Evansville basketball game. During a “celebrity look-a-like” segment on the jumbotron, the camera panned to a man in the stands dressed like Stalions holding binoculars. He was promptly chased from the arena. Watch the video here:

Great gag, Evansville. More of this, please.

Let’s just say Michigan’s holier-than-thou attitude around the athletic department has not won them many casual fans. This scandal has felt like Michigan-vs-the-world for weeks, and the noise is only going to get louder if the Wolverines make the College Football Playoff.

Enjoy your success while it lasts, Michigan. Something tell sme Harbaugh won’t be the coach next year regardless of how this scandal ends.

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