Conservatives Savagely Rip Apart Far-Left, Trump-Hating “Journalist” After He Calls MAGA Nation and Faithful Christians MORE DANGEROUS than Hamas Terrorists

Credit: CNN

In a year of awful political takes, this has to rank near the top of the list.

A former Playboy correspondent and deranged Trump hater wrote a sickening piece in far-left Salon today calling supporters of the 45th President and faithful Christians more dangerous to the world than the Hamas savages trying to destroy Israel. Needless to say, conservatives responded in fury and savagely ripped him apart for this nasty, un-American take.

Brian Karem, the “journalist,” actually had the gall to proclaim peaceful patriots who want to restore America back to her former greatness are WORSE than medieval savages who chop off babies’ heads, rape women, gun down festival goers, murder children in their beds, and cut open pregnant women.

In a country of radical left activists masquerading as members of the press, Karem is the absolute worst. This is the same man who cursed out President Trump at a Rose Garden event back in 2019 and called him a cockroach.

He also had his White House press pass suspended before an Obama “judge” ordered the Trump White house to restore it.

But it is hard say what’s worse: Karem for writing the piece to begin with or Salon for actually publishing the garbage.

The replies from conservatives were absolutely vicious:

In a country with an honest press, Karem would no longer be in position to spread his propaganda. But today’s America is more apt to punish those who publish the truth.

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