Controversial Synodal LGBTQ Agenda Set for Global Approval – Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate Calls Bishops of Asia and Australia to Rise Up

This article was written by the Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate.

“We present to your attention a video letter in which we call on the bishops of Asia and Australia to oppose the system of newly emerging synodal councils based on the German model, which usurp the powers of bishops. Furthermore, we urge the bishops to separate themselves from the suicidal synodal journey and to initiate a programme of spiritual renewal in their dioceses,” said Secretary Bishops of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate in an email to TGP.

Dear bishops of Asia and Australia,

A suicidal synodal LGBTQ agenda is to be approved worldwide this autumn. Cardinal Müller described the synodal journey as “doctrinally incompetent and canonically illegitimate.”

The synodal process changes the nature of the Church, turning it into a system of “non-profit organizations.” Just like Soros’ non-profits, which lead every nation to self-destruction, so do these religious non-profits. Previously, such non-profits would have been condemned as treason in the country or heresy in the Church. These non-profits are part of the synodal journey in every parish, in every diocese, in every nation, on every continent.

Cardinal Müller said: The Church of Christ is not a non-profit or a propaganda office for the creation of a new man (transhumanism) or an ideal world order (NWO).”

The synodal process is used to covertly promote the genocidal Schwab’s agenda along with transhumanism and the New World Order. There have already been a couple of pro-transhumanist conferences held in the Vatican. Transhumanism is connected with transgenderism, i.e. gender reassignment, and with so-called ectogenesis, which is the production of so-called babies in artificial incubators.

Transhumanism interferes with human nature and gradually makes man a medium of demons as a “higher stage of development”. Transhumanism is a New World Order ideology. The paradox is that this supposedly “ideal” world order cannot be achieved without depopulation, i.e. the reduction of people to a so-called golden billion.

It is a system of lies and deception aimed at achieving the satanization and self-destruction of humanity. The fact that this genocidal ideology has penetrated into the Church is evidenced by Cardinal Müller’s statement: “(German bishops) are no longer servants of the Word of God, but representatives of a transhumanist lobby.”

Delegations to the continental assembly were represented by the presidents of the episcopal conferences of the particular nation and a group of lay people. They were deliberately selected from LGBTQ circles or their fanatical supporters. The president of the bishops’ conference was then supposed to use his authority to authoritatively introduce the anti-church conclusions reached by the synod meetings into the new programme of the Church. This is gross manipulation and fraud.

Bishop Bätzing said to the media that he did not have the impression that the Vatican was blocking the German synodal journey. He referred to the disputes surrounding the so-called synodal council. It is a new body that is being established in Germany, which is mainly composed of active lay people, LGBTQ promoters. This synodal council should take over the management of the Church throughout Germany.

This is a counter-revolution in the Church. Predatory LGBTQ lay activists in alliance with a bishop à la Bätzing will take over all church government in a given nation. So the bishops and the bishops’ conference will be subordinate to this new body, which will act under the direct authority of the so-called Holy See. This intra-Church coup against God is to transform the Catholic Church into Satan’s New Age Antichurch.

Quote from the media: “Bätzing announced that the Vatican had not blocked plans to create a synodal council… but just said there could be no such council that would usurp the authority of the bishops.”
The Vatican pretends to demand that this synodal council cannot usurp the authority of the bishops. In fact, everything is prearranged and it will usurp power over them. Why? Because Bergoglio’s Vatican needs these councils to transform the Church.

The so-called demand that the synodal council must not usurp the authority of the bishops is a psychological manipulation known to us from paradise. The serpent swore, “You shall not die,” but his aim was to make man die. Similarly, the Irish people were told that if they accepted the Treaty of Lisbon, they could keep the law banning abortion. When they did accept the Treaty of Lisbon, the law was repealed after some time.

The Irish people were deceived. Another example: Bergoglio said assertively to the media that abortion is the killing of an unborn child, but in practice he suspended a US priest precisely for prolife activity, while on the other hand he honoured a pro-abortion activist who is responsible for thousands of murders of unborn children. When the US bishops wanted to address the issue of clerical abuse, Bergoglio forbade them, arguing that it would be dealt with comprehensively at a meeting in the Vatican. He tricked them.

When Bergoglio was convicted by former US Nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò of covering up McCarrick’s homosexual crimes, Bergoglio lied that he knew nothing. But Viganò publicly exposed Bergoglio’s lie. Bergoglio also deceived the public in a terrible way by promoting an experimental mRNA vaccine.

Reliable top experts in virology urgently warned of the danger. But Bergoglio shamelessly lied and claimed that the vaccine must be for everyone, that taking the vaccine is an act of love and that whoever refuses it commits a sin. His evil lie has resulted in fatal consequences, including loss of lives. The method of suggestive lies is today the driving force behind not only political, but also Bergoglian coups.

The German pilot project to introduce a new body, the synodal council, will be extended to all territories as early as autumn 2023 and gradually until autumn 2024 as a draconian tool of the apostate Vatican. It will gradually eliminate true Catholic bishops by establishing a dictatorship of LGBTQ activists in the Church.

The purpose of the programme of this so-called synodal council is to establish LGBTQ dictatorship along with transhumanism in line with the global demonization plan as part of the NWO. This synodal council will stand at the head of the network of religious non-profits created in the synodal process at all levels. They will accomplish the planned transformation of the Church in every diocese, in every parish, down to the last believer. This will complete Bergoglio’s process of internal suicide of the Church.

Today, every bishop is still competent to oppose this synodal structure, which has nothing to do with religious or moral principles. Dear bishops, if you fail to mobilize and separate yourselves from the synodal machinery as soon as possible, this machinery will destroy you. Realize this before it is too late, and act operatively, in faith, in unity and with resolution.

The former US Nuncio, Carlo Maria Viganò, warned against this Deep Church headed by Bergoglio: “The Deep Church is an offshoot of the Deep State, in a certain sense.”

The statement of this true prelate is a prophetic voice that alarms people into awakening from spiritual slumber.

Quote by Carlo Maria Viganò: “For this reason it should not surprise us that we are witnessing the demolition of Faith and Morals in the name of ecumenism and synodality, applying liberal errors in the theological sphere…”

Carlo Maria Viganò pointed out that it is precisely in the name of synodality that the truths of faith and morals are being destroyed today.

Quote by Carlo Maria Viganò: “…and on the other hand the transformation of the Papacy and the Roman Curia into a politburo in which ecclesiastical authority is both absolute and also released from its fidelity to the Magisterium, following the modalities of the exercise of power in a communist-type dictatorship.”

In other words: The Vatican and especially the German and Belgian bishops’ conferences in alliance with it no longer submit to God. They no longer defend the dogmas of faith and morals, and on the contrary destroy them. At the same time, they retain the highest authority, the authority of God. Through the synodal journey, they lead Catholics into rebellion against God. They force them by virtue of obedience to abandon God’s laws, to accept the LGBTQ anti-laws, and to obey them – the apostates – as if they were obeying God Himself. However, these apostates are in rebellion against God and are knowingly heading for hell. And they are dragging along with them the obedient Catholics.

The attitude of the Vatican with the entire so-called synodal process is an abuse of the highest authority in the Church. It is the heresy of papalatry.


Dear bishops, after this intra-Church coup against God has been exposed, each of you should fall on your knees before God. You should ask: O God, what do You want me to do in this situation? The LGBTQ synodal journey and the system of synodal councils is a death blow to the Catholic Church. If the bishops’ conference in your territory rises up and radically rejects the synodal journey, God will come and save you. Subsequently, you will declare true spiritual restoration of the fundamental truths of faith and morals. At the same time, you will restore a personal relationship with the crucified and risen Christ through genuine repentance in prayer.

In a nation where the bishops will be passive and unable to unite and offer resistance, they will become complicit in the synodal crime, the greatest in the history of the Church.

Dear bishop, successor of the apostles, how will you stand when you soon appear before God’s judgment seat? How will you justify your passivity and your neglect of authority and power entrusted to you to save the souls in your diocese and in your nation?

May all priests, religious and believers become aware of the impending disaster! May they fall on their knees and start continuous prayer watches! Let them pray to the Blessed Virgin so that through her intercession the dark power within the Catholic Church may be broken!


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