Corsair’s Elite 6500 ATX and Elite 2500 Micro-ATX get accent panel options — removable panels available in wood and aluminum

Corsair has finally launched its case panel accessories for the Corsair Elite 6500 and 2500 ATX and Micro-ATX computer chassis (as reported by Guru3D). The optional panels come in walnut, teak, bamboo, obsidian, and aluminum. The new panels expand the aesthetic flavor of the 6500/2500 and give users more color and material options.

We have known about Corsair’s optional case panels since we reviewed the Corsair 2500D Airflow a month ago. For some reason, it has taken Corsair a whole month to launch these optional panels. 

As previously mentioned, the new accessory case panels are walnut, teak, bamboo, obsidian, and aluminum. Each option comes with two case panels, one replacing the panel covering the rear PSU chamber and the other covering the glass side panel. Pricing for all accessory panels is $69.99, save for the aluminum flavor, which costs $10 more.

Corsair has been doing accessory case panels for some time now. It first began shipping alternate styles with the Corsair 4000 and 5000 series PC cases after Fractile Design made the wood theme popular with the North case. However, with the 6500/2500 accessory panels, Corsair is taking another step by implementing additional style choices beyond wood accents, like the obsidian and aluminum options.

In our review of the Corsair 2500D Airflow, we applauded Corsair for offering additional style options for users to choose from. The extra style choices bring a lot of character to the Corsair 2500D, which we believe is very bland in its default all-black color scheme.

However, we are not fond of the pricing. Since Corsair charges $159.99 for the case, adding $70-$80 accessories is a lot of extra money to change the color. To make matters worse, Corsair doesn’t include basic accessories that we feel should be included. Instead, you’ll have to fork out additional money for these accessories.

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