Cybertruck Engineer Addresses Legacy Media’s Claims About “Rusting” 

Lead Cybertruck engineer Wes Morrill addressed the surge in legacy news articles last week that claimed “Cybertrucks Are Rusting.” 

  • Barron’s: “Tesla Cybertrucks Are Rusting” 

  • Wired: “This Is Why Tesla’s Stainless Steel Cybertrucks May Be Rusting” 

  • CBS News: “Tesla Cybertruck owners complain their new vehicles are rusting” 

“A lot of MSM coverage about rust. None show actual photos, usually a good indicator to question the accuracy. Side by side with a painted vehicle, this is surface contamination,” Morrill wrote on social media platform X. 

He added: “Tesla SS actually has a PREN value (resistance to pitting corrosion) higher than 316L “marine grade.” 

Legacy corporate media traditionally goes bananas over anything potentially negative for Tesla and or Elon Musk (remember this). 

According to Bloomberg data, legacy media outlets published over 100 “Cybertruck Rust” articles in just a few short days last week. 

“The MSM all copy each others articles, it’s not like they all found rust… it’s just a big propaganda machine,” one X user said


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