DANGER LOCKED OUT: Water Fountains at East Palestine High School Are Locked

Investigative journalist Nick Sortor took to Twitter and revealed drinking fountains at East Palestine High School have been locked with warning messages on them.

Sortos posted a picture of a drinking fountain covered and locked with a warning reading  “DANGER LOCKED OUT.”

Sortos tweeted, “The drinking fountain here at East Palestine High School literally has a LOCK on the nozzle that says “DANGER: DO NOT OPERATE.”


On February 15th, Municipal officials in East Palestine claimed the water in East Palestine is “safe” to drink.

Erin Brockovich, an Environmental advocate and legal consultant, told Fox News many locals in East Palestine are being “gaslit” to believe nothing is wrong with the water.

Per Fox News:

Brockovich told Fox News there appears to be attempts to “gaslight” the locals into believing “nothing’s wrong” and that the water is safe to drink and air is safe to breathe, despite reporting to “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that schools have shuttered drinking fountains and some private wells have locks on them.

Some users on Twitter have claimed the fountains were not locked due to the recent chemical spill but rather are locked from previous Covid-19 measures.


The Gateway Pundit has covered the train derailment in East Palestine for the last several weeks.

The most recent update is House Republicans are attempting to launch an investigation into White House Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg for his lackluster response to the chemical spill.

House Republicans Launch Investigation Into Buttigieg’s Response to the East Palestine Disaster

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