Davante Adams Endorses Potential Raiders Signing of 4-Time Pro Bowl QB

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Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

The Las Vegas Raiders have already made their biggest decision of the offseason by hiring Antonio Pierce as head coach and one of his first major decisions is going to be figuring out what to do at quarterback. Jimmy Garoppolo is likely going to get cut and Aidan O’Connell didn’t show enough to trust him as the starter next season.

The Raiders don’t pick until No. 13 in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft, which could put them out of the running to get a top rookie. Fortunately, there are some proven veterans available. Star wide receiver Davante Adams was asked which quarterback in the NFL he would like to play with and he gave an interesting response.

“I like a Kirk Cousins,” Adams said during the January 18 episode of “Two G’s in a Pod. “I think Kirk Cousins is a really good quarterback. As far as availability, I think Kirk is a good player.”

Cousins’ contract with the Minnesota Vikings expires this offseason and he’ll be a free agent. The Vikings could look to bring him back but there should be interest from multiple teams. If the Raiders don’t feel good about their chances of drafting a quarterback, Cousins could be a very good stop-gap option. The team could even still draft a rookie and have them develop behind the four-time Pro Bowler.

Is Kirk Cousins the Right Fit?

The Raiders already gave Davante Adams what he wanted when they hired Antonio Pierce so they might not worry too much about who he wants to play quarterback. That said, Kirk Cousins does have a solid track record. He’s thrown for over 4,000 yards and 24 touchdowns in seven of the past nine seasons. He also has a 76-67-2 record as a starter.

Whether or not he’s a good fit with the Raiders depends on who the offensive coordinator is. If the team decides to go with a Kyle Shanahan disciple like Klint Kubiak for the job, Cousins would be a great fit. The Shanahan style of offense is perfect for a quarterback like Cousins who doesn’t move much but is great in the pocket.

Kliff Kingsbury has also been linked to the Raiders job but he’d be a better fit for a quarterback who has a bit more mobility. As far as pure passers go, the team could certainly do worse than Cousins.

Kirk Cousins Coming off Brutal Injury

The biggest concern with Kirk Cousins going forward is his health. He tore his Achilles during the 2023 season and will be 36 when the next season starts. Now, Cousins isn’t a player known for using his legs so an Achilles injury shouldn’t be too devastating for him but it’s still something to watch.

The Raiders gave Jimmy Garoppolo a big contract coming off a foot injury last year and that turned out to be a disaster. The team can’t afford to sink more money into an aging quarterback who can’t play. The Raiders have a young team and a young head coach. It would be much wiser to start building around a young quarterback. Cousins only makes sense as a short-term option but he’d likely rather go to a team that is closer to competing for a Super Bowl.

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