DEBUNKED! Palestinians Caught Red-Handed Blaming Their Own Mass Grave on Israel (VIDEO)

Image: Video screenshot

Far-left media outlets have been accusing Israel of digging a mass grave to bury the bodies of dead Palestinians. It’s part of the “big lie” progressive Democrats are pushing that Israel is committing genocide, and it’s just been debunked.

Here are some of the reports accusing Israel:

Al Jazeera: Uncovering of mass grave at Gaza’s Nasser Hospital: What you need to know

CNN: UN demands investigation after mass graves found at Gaza hospitals raided by Israel

Reuters: UN rights chief ‘horrified’ by mass grave reports at Gaza hospitals

Unfortunately for the leftist/Islamist narrative, it’s all fake news.

X account @GeoConfirmed has posted images and video that irrefutably prove the grave was the work of Palestinians themselves!

“Palestinians are exhuming bodies from the grounds of the Nasser Medical Complex hospital complex in Khan Younis, Gaza.”

“This is occurring at the same location where mass graves were dug and burial ceremonies had taken place by Palestinians in recent months. (Proof in this thread)”

Here is a video of Palestinians digging the grave. This video was not hidden and could have been found by any of the news agencies repeating the now-debunked claims.

03 FEB 2024 – In this footage you see Palestinians digging a mass grave 50m east, at the other side of the building visible in the footage above. (VID 03)

With this text: “The bodies of thirty martyrs were buried in the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis.”

Recapping: In February, Hamas created this mass grave and used it for a propaganda narrative about evil Jews not letting Jihadis receive a proper burial.

Now, just 2 months later, Hamas and their lapdog pals in the media are using the SAME grave to blame Jews for genocide.

If Israel was committing “genocide,” would Gazans need to fake mass graves?

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