Declassified JFK Files Reveal Soviet Intelligence Secretly Urged President Lyndon B. Johnson To Investigate JFK’s Assassination, Johnson Later Emphatically REFUSED Independent Investigation

On June 27th, the Biden administration finally released over 1,000 documents pertaining to JFK’s assassination in accordance with the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act.

Despite releasing several previously hidden documents the Biden administration at the midnight hour ultimately decided to postpone releasing all of the classified documents.

Most of the documents released by the Biden administration were already well-known public knowledge however there are some gems hidden in some of the newly declassified files.

One document, which was a CIA memo of a meeting with President Johnson on December 6, 1963, reveals agents told the president that “The Soviet Intelligence Service, on orders from Moscow, was attempting to stimulate communications from India to him, Chief Justice Warren, and the Attorney General, urging a full probe into the assassination of the President.”

The CIA noted that the report stemmed from “very reliable penetration” and that they evaluated the messenger quite highly.


Although the CIA revealed the intel to President Johnson on December 6th, 1963 the message from the Soviets could have been sent even before Johnson launched the Warren Commission on November 29th.

The new message reveals, that even the Soviets had some doubts that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only killer of President Kennedy.

In the same declassed document President Johnson also turned down a request from the Department of Justice suggesting Johnson to allow an independent panel of lawyers and jurists to investigate Kennedy’s assassination.

It was reported Johnson even had “contempt” of the plan for independent investigators to get to the bottom of Kennedy’s assassination.

The request by the Department of Justice was on November 26th just four days after Kennedy’s assassination.


You can read the entire declassified document here

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