Defender Ring Offers Stylish, Discreet Self-Defense Readily at Hand

Every woman knows that wearing jewelry is a wonderful way to make a personal statement to the world. Likewise, it helps you feel more confident in yourself. However, I also find that the right jewelry can also accomplish the important task of keeping you safe. Self-defense jewelry is a type of jewelry that is designed to help women feel stylish, confident, and, more importantly, protected. If this type of personal protection is up your alley, let’s take a look into three self-defense rings that I recommend from the brand Defender Ring. 

The Chrome Self-Defense Ring

Rings come in many different shapes and sizes, and for those who prefer a minimalist jewelry style, the first ring I recommend is the Chrome ring. This ring is small, elegant, and the definition of discreet. Underneath the chrome top is an extremely sharp blade that can do considerable damage.

The Chrome is small and stylish.

To use, place the ring on either your index or middle finger and make a fist to ensure the ring doesn’t move around. Then, twist the chrome top counterclockwise until the blade is revealed. To reattach the chrome top, screw it back on in a clockwise direction until it is secure to the band.

The ring’s blade length is 5 mm, and its diameter is 2 mm. I find this makes this jewelry the definition of “small but mighty.”

To reveal the blade on the Chrome self-defense ring, unscrew the top.

The band is made from stainless steel and can be plated in 18K gold, rose gold, or left unplated. Similarly, the chrome top is made to be stainless steel plated. The Chrome top comes in a variety of colors, including cobalt, jade, onyx, ruby, amethyst, or multi-colored. As for sizing, this ring comes in sizes 5 – 11 and even includes half sizing. 

Overall, this ring is best to wear when having a night out or simply running errands. Nonetheless, the Chrome was extremely comfortable to wear and gave me zero difficulties when removing and reattaching the top to the band.

The Luna Ring

The next ring I recommend is the Luna ring. It operates the same as the Chrome ring but has a bigger and bulkier appearance. The ring’s blade length is 10.5mm, and it also has a diameter of 6mm.

The Luna is a larger version of the Chrome and is effective with or without the top removed.

The serrated design allows the individual wearing the ring to perform a number of tasks. This includes strengthening your punches, scaring off your attackers, and even giving you the ability to cut rope.

The Luna is made of stainless steel and comes in sizes 5-11 but, unfortunately, does not include half sizes. Nonetheless, the Luna ring is on the heavier side which I thought would impact comfortability when wearing it. However, I learned it was the exact opposite.

Like the Chrome, to reveal the blade on the Luna self-defense ring, unscrew the top.

This ring is comfortable because it is designed with a rounded inner comfort band. In addition, it utilizes a stabilizing side support to help keep it upright. Overall, I enjoyed the look, feel, and blade design. But more importantly, I loved that its larger size offers protection capabilities with or without the blade exposed.

The Peak Ring

If you prefer a ring that offers instant protection as soon as you put it on, I recommend the Peak ring. Out of all the rings, this stainless-steel ring is great for women who are constantly on the go. Specifically, because it is designed with a long-pointed tip that is pokey and sharp. It is a ring that is perfect to wear on a run, hiking, or out running errands. 

The Peak’s point length is 9mm, and the beveled tip length is 6mm, while the band is 3 mm thick. This runner ring was super easy to slip on and off and weighed only four grams, which I found to be a bonus.

The Peak is ready to go as soon as you put it on.

Similar to the Luna, this ring is designed with an inner rounded comfort band and side supports. As a result, this piece of jewelry is comfortable to wear all day. 

As for sizing, this ring comes in sizes 4 – 12, and it, unfortunately, does not come in half sizes. Overall, I loved the design of this ring, and I definitely cannot wait to wear it again.

Closing Remarks

Personal protection is different for everyone. For some, it can be a firearm hidden underneath clothing. For others, it might be a brightly colored weapon packed with pepper spray dangling from a keychain. It can also be a simple piece of jewelry tucked around your fingers. 

The jewelry from Defender Ring absolutely blew me away, and I couldn’t have been happier with the pieces I chose. Each ring fit my fingers perfectly and was incredibly well made. More importantly, they helped me realize that I can prioritize my safety and also feel stylish while doing so.

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