Democrat Arizona Attorney General Sends Letter Threatening AZ Counties Who Hand Count 2024 Election

Kris Mayes runs from TGP reporter when asked about election fraud

Fraudulently elected Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes sent a letter earlier this month, threatening counties if they follow a resolution passed in the legislature which bans the use of foreign-made and noncompliant voting machines. 

Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 1037, passed in the Arizona House and the Arizona Senate, states:

No voting system or component or subcomponent of a voting system or component, including firmware software or hardware, assemblies and subassemblies with integrated circuits or on which any firmware or software operates, may be used or purchased as the primary method for casting, recording and tabulating ballots used in any election held in this state for federal office unless:

1. All components have been designed, manufactured, integrated and assembled in the United States from trusted suppliers, using trusted processes accredited by the Defense Microelectronics Activity as prescribed by the United States Department of Defense; and

2. The source code used in any computerized voting machine for federal elections is made available to the public; and

3. The ballot images and system log files from each tabulator are recorded on a secure write-once, read-many media with clear chain of custody and posted on the Secretary of State’s website free of charge to the public within twenty-four hours after the close of the polls; and

4. The legislature transmits this resolution to the secretary of state.

The legislature also passed SB1074, designating the same requirements for electronic voting machines, but Katie Hobbs vetoed this bill. Hobbs stole her election through these faulty machines when 59% of them failed on election day!

JUST IN: AZ State Senator Borrelli Throws Down The Gauntlet, ORDERS County Supervisors to Comply With SCR1037 Which Bans Foreign Voting Machines in Arizona

SCR1037 was instead transmitted directly to the Secretary of State. “The Legislature is exercising our plenary authority to see that no electronic voting systems in the state of Arizona are used as the primary method for conducting, counting, tabulating, or verifying federal elections, unless those systems meet necessary standards of protection,” Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli said in a press release.

Article 1 Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution gives State Legislatures the power to “regulate the ‘Times, Places and Manner of holding elections for Senators and Representatives.’”

However, the crooked AG wants to maintain the system that installed Katie Hobbs and herself.

Kris Mayes sent a letter to Arizona County Attorneys on August 11, threatening counties that they are legally unauthorized from hand counting the ballots. The weaponization of law enforcement to influence elections continues…

In the letter, Mayes falsely claims that Arizona law requires votes to be counted by “automatic tabulating equipment.”

However, ARS 16-621 provides that “the officer in charge of elections may direct that [ballots] be counted manually” when using machines becomes impracticable, and the resolution lays out the new standards for security and practicability. Arizona’s current law does not mandate the use of electronic voting machines; it only allows for it.

Arizona State Senator Sonny Borelli sent a message to The Gateway Pundit in response to the illegitimate AG, saying, “HAHAHA.” He continued, “Electronic voting systems are not mandated by statute to be used in Arizona. If you don’t use them, how else would you count votes?”

Read the full letter here.

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