“Deport Her”- Conservatives Erupt After Resurfaced Video Shows Ilhan Omar Making a Disgusting Statement about White Men on Foreign-Owned TV Channel (VIDEO)

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Just imagine if a white member of Congress had gotten caught making racist remarks about blacks or Hispanics.

As the Blaze reported Sunday, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) appeared on Al Jazeera English which is owned by the government in Qatar. The interview originally took place in February 2018 but went viral late last week with over 10 million views after a prominent conservative shared it.

During the interview, Omar made a racist statement against white men in America after host Mehdi Hasan asked her a question about “Islamophobia.”

Here was the exchange:

Hasan: A lot of conservatives in particular would say that the rise of Islamophobia is the result not of hate but of fear — a legitimate fear they say of “jihadist terrorism” whether it’s Fort Hood or San Bernandino or the recent truck attack in New York. What do you say to them?

Omar: I would say our country should be more fearful of white men across our country because they are actually causing most of the deaths within this country.


The Gateway Pundit reported on this interview back in 2019.

Ilhan Omar’s Racist Hate Speech: “We Should Be More Fearful of White Men – Who are Causing Most Deaths”

Not only is this claim racist to the core, it is also a flat-out lie. 54.9 percent of all murders were committed by Black or African American offenders, despite Blacks only making up about 13% of the population according to 2018 FBI statistics. Whites were responsible for 42.4 percent of murders.

Conservatives unsurprisingly erupted in anger after learning about Omar’s comment with some demanding she be send back to Somalia, her place of birth.

Some Twitter users also pointed out an incredible irony in light of Omar’s racist remarks: she is married to a white man! We wonder what he thinks about her disgusting remarks.

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