Desperate Times Call for Drastic Measures: Recent Polling Confirms a Trump-Kennedy Ticket Would Win 60% of the Vote – And Would Nearly Double Joe Biden’s Totals

President Abraham Lincoln and Democrat running mate Andrew Johnson

Desperate times call for drastic measures.

In 1864, during the height of the American Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was paired with Democrat Andrew Johnson, selected by the National Unity Party to run with him in the upcoming presidential election.

At the time, Abraham Lincoln was convinced he was going to lose reelection, telling a White House visitor, “I am going to be beaten … and unless some great change takes place, badly beaten,”

The Democrats chose George B. McClellan, Lincoln’s notoriously cautious former general-in-chief of the army who had been fired after failing to pursue the retreating Confederates from Antietam in 1862.

Shortly after, General William T. Sherman captured Atlanta, and this was followed by a major Union victory in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley. Suddenly, with the Confederacy on the ropes.

Lincoln went on to win the presidency and the Civil War against the South.

It was a pivotal point in American history.

Today, America is at another crossroads. The wild-eyed American-hating Marxists are in control of our mainstream media, our education system, Hollywood, the government, and our Department of Justice.

Joe Biden has destroyed the economy with his excessive spending, open the borders to an invasion of millions of unknown aliens, ruing our standing on the world stage, locked up supporters of Donald Trump, declared the opposition an enemy to America, brought numerous junk lawsuits against the leading presidential candidate, destroyed the US justice system, and sued for the right to censor American voices.

On top of that, we know he cheats.

America cannot survive another four years of Joe Biden.

Recent polling posted at Real Clear Politics confirms that a Trump-Robert Kennedy, Jr. ticket would win over 60% of the vote. Joe Biden would be a distant second and would suffer the historic loss he deserves.

Today, America is at a crossroads. There is only one man who can lead us back to our foundation, to law and order, to a rational foreign policy, to a thriving country that respects its border.

If President Trump needs to take on Robert Kennedy, Jr. to ensure a united win in November, then he should not hesitate to make that happen.

America will not survive another four years of Joe Biden.

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