Developing: David Pecker’s Testimony Destroys Prosecution’s Case Against Trump

The Alvin Bragg lawfare case against President Trump is already falling apart in its New York courtroom.

It was obvious from the start of this latest garbage lawsuit against President Trump that there was never a case against Trump but the Marxists in New York insisted on pushing forward with the case anyway.

Now they are hoping that a corrupt court and leftist jurors will find Trump guilty of the latest made-up crime they are throwing at him in hopes to sway uninformed Americans to vote for Old Joe in 2024.

On Thursday David Pecker destroyed the prosecution’s case.

Pecker is the former CEO of American Media until August 2020. He was the publisher of National Enquirer and several other popular publications.

He testified that Trump “had no idea what [he] was talking about” when he asked about reimbursing Michael Cohen for the Stormy payment

He also said the “catch & kill” scheme was devised by him and Michael Cohen–NOT Donald Trump!

FOX News reported:

FOX reporter: Pecker also said when he spoke to Trump about Trump reimbursing Michael Cohen for paying adult film actress Stormy Daniels, Trump told him he had no idea what Pecker was talking about.

Pecker testified again about purchasing the lifetime rights to former Playboy model, Karen McDougal’s story as well. He said he did that in part because he and Cohen had concerns it would hurt Trump’s campaign. Notably, he did not say those concerns came from Trump himself.

There never was a case here against President Trump anyway. Now, the primary witness confirmed President Trump knew nothing about this payment discussed in the case.

Another nothing-burger goes up in flames.

Via Johnny MAGA:

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