DHS Presidential Rank Award Recipients for 2023

Thomas Huse

As Chief Counsel, Thomas Huse is the Secret Service’s primary legal advisor. Mr. Huse has over 20 years of experience as a legal professional and he currently oversees a 35-member team of attorneys who work within the Office of the Chief Counsel (OCC). Since joining the U.S. Secret Service in 2009, Mr. Huse has supported multiple Secret Service mission functions as a legal advisor within the Office of Professional Responsibility (serving as Acting Deputy Assistant Director), the Criminal Investigative division, the Asset Forfeiture Branch, and the Rowley Training Center.

Brian Lambert

Special Agent in Charge Brian Lambert possesses 23+ years of federal law enforcement experience. In 1999, he began his career with the US Secret Service as a Special Agent in the New York Field Office. Mr. Lambert has since served the Presidential Protective Division, the Office of Investigations, the Saginaw, Michigan Resident Office, and the Office of Strategic Information and Intelligence. In 2018, he was named Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Human Resources and in 2019, he was named Deputy Assistant Director in the Office of Investigations, managing global investigative operations and policy implementation. In 2020 he was selected as Special Agent in Charge of the Rome Field Office, where he now provides leadership for the Agency’s dual mission in 63 nations in southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, through offices and personnel in Rome, Sofia, Bucharest and Pretoria. Mr. Lambert prioritizes the Agency’s mandate to safeguard the payment and financial systems of the United States, focusing on cyber enabled financial fraud investigations, which span currency counterfeiting, bank and financial institution fraud, identity theft, access device fraud, network intrusions, and business email compromise investigations. Mr. Lambert also works with host governments to ensure the safety of Agency protectees while in the Rome District.

Douglas Thigpen

Douglas Thigpen accepted an appointment to the Senior Executive Service (SES) in 2016 as the Special Agent in Charge of the Houston Field Office, where he provides leadership for the Agency’s investigative and protective mission for this Texas city and the surrounding counties of Houston, Austin, and the country of Mexico. Mr. Thigpen is solely responsible for overseeing protective operations for the President, Vice President, Foreign Heads of State and National Special Security Events in his District. He commands the tactical response teams utilized to mitigate threats and institutes countermeasures to provide a safe environment for all protective venues. Mr. Thigpen also manages global investigative operations that have a nexus to the country of Mexico and implements policy directives as appropriate. Mr. Thigpen is directly responsible for 90+ employees within the one foreign and two domestic offices that he manages. He exercises direct oversight and control of hundreds of Special Agents, Administrative Professionals, and Technical Support employees during protective visits to his District. Mr. Thigpen is responsible for directing, planning, developing, implementing, and managing staffing strategies and logistics for all these employees. He exercises direct oversight for the Houston District’s annual budget, totaling $800,000 annually. Mr. Thigpen provides executive direction to District personnel on all policies concerning investigations of counterfeit currency, financial, electronic, and cyber-crimes.

David Torres

Dr. David Torres has 26+ years of leadership and federal law enforcement experience. He serves as the first Hispanic appointed to the leadership role of Assistant Director of Strategic Intelligence and Information (SII), which coordinates all U.S. Secret Service (USSS) covert and overt protective intelligence investigations to identify, evaluate, and manage persons at risk for engaging in violent or disruptive behavior directed at the White House, the President, and other agency-protected assets. Dr. Torres has served in several Senior Executive Service (SES) leadership roles such as the Special Agent in Charge of the USSS Protective Intelligence and Assessment Division. He also took on leadership of the National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC), a behavioral research unit that works with federal, state, local, and private sector partners in support of school safety. As Deputy Assistant Director of Human Resources and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, he exercised responsibility for all HR functions, hirings, performance, and payroll for 7000+ employees. He then served as Deputy Assistant Director of SII before his 2022 appointment as Assistant Director. He provides able stewardship for protective intelligence, threat assessment, targeted violence, counter-surveillance, counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism.

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