Disgusting: Massachusetts Congressman Keating Gleefully Hands Zelensky Copy of Uniparty Members Who Put Foreign Interests Over American Citizens (Video)

Congressman Bill Keating barely contains his joy when sharing list of Uniparty members who put foreign interests over American citizens.

On Tuesday, the Senate approved a massive $95 billion emergency foreign aid package which includes the following for Ukraine:

  • $47.7 billion through the Defense Department to support Ukraine’s military with training, equipment, weapons, and logistical aid
  • $13.4 billion to restock U.S. military equipment sent to Ukraine
  • $9.5 billion in economic aid to Ukraine as a forgivable loan

Congressman Bill Keating (D-MA), apparently thrilled at the opportunity to fund a foreign country over America’s working poor and struggling middle class, traveled to personally meet with Ukraine’s President Zelensky.

With a smile on his face and glee in his voice, Keating handed Zelensky a list of the Uniparty members who voted to send billions of dollars to Ukraine and put foreign interests over American citizens.

Keating can barely contain his joy as he hands over the vote tally.

“Bill Keating from Massachusetts…and I have something that you’re really gonna like…this is the official tally of the vote for the supplemental aid.”

“And look at that vote….73%.”

“That’s a good vote.”


MJTruthUltra shared a more accurate version of what is really happening (language warning):

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