Donald Trump Wins Election in Oregon After Being Written In By Voters

Former President Donald Trump has won an election in Oregon after being written in by voters.

There was a tie for a position on the Hubbard Rural Fire Protection District board after votes on May 16, in which Trump and four other people received two write-in votes each.

There were three positions up for grabs on the board of five people. Incumbents Michelle Luna and Michael Willis were the only registered candidates and both won another term.

The tie for “Hubbard Fire District Board Director Position No. 3” was broken on June 23 with a dice roll — and Trump won.

“The candidate who won the dice roll off was Donald Trump and because he doesn’t live or own property in the district, the next step would be to determine if either of the other two candidates who won the dice roll are interested,” Hubbard Fire Chief Michael Kahrmann told the Salem Statesman Journal.

The article explained, “none of the write-in candidates attended so others served as stand-ins, each rolling a 12-sided dice. On the first roll, the stand-ins for Sherwood, Smith and Trump each rolled 10. In the second round, Trump’s stand-in rolled a 12.”

Trump is the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, making him unlikely to take the unpaid position in the tiny rural town. Additionally, a candidate must own property or live in the district.

“I’m not sure how the fire district is going to determine if Donald Trump or a Donald Trump owns property,” Marion County Clerk Bill Burgess told the Salem Statesman Journal. “The likelihood is probably not great since we don’t even have a Donald Trump registered in the county.”

The board will be deciding what to do next during a meeting on July 12.

If neither of the other candidates accept the position, someone will have to be appointed.

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