Doritos Fires ‘Brand Ambassador’ Who Tweeted About ‘Doing Thuggish Things’ To A Minor

Update (2115ET): Well that didn’t take long…

Fox News reports that Doritos Spain terminated their relationship with transgender influencer Iván González Ranedo, who goes by the stage name Samantha Hudson, after the company came under intense backlash for posting a video on Instagram featuring Hudson.

A spokesperson for Doritos Spain confirmed to Rolling Stone magazine that a short promo called “Crunch Talks” was posted on Sunday and then removed on Monday. It emphasized that the video was not part of a larger brand ambassadorship campaign.

The spokesperson also revealed that Hudson had been terminated from the company due to making controversial comments in the past.

“We have ended the relationship and stopped all related campaign activity due to the comments,” the spokesperson said.

“We strongly condemn words or actions that promote violence or sexism of any kind.”

It does make you wonder what level of due diligence these multi-billion-dollar brand muppets are actually employing? Did this thing just check the right boxes on their DEI checklist and any pedophilia (or such) can just be overlooked?

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As Steve Watson detailed earliervia, oily GMO tortilla chip brand Doritos is facing widespread backlash after some genius within the Spanish arm of the company decided to hire a non-binary transgender person who appears to have previously endorsed pedophilia to sell its snacks.

Yes, really.

The ‘transgender artist’ Samantha Hudson, formally known as Iván González Ranedo, has been given the role of brand ambassador for Doritos, and featured in a sponsored program called “Crunch Talks.”

A clip was posted showing the person previously advocating for “the destruction and for the annihilation of the traditional family.”

Lovely stuff. But it gets worse.

A Newsweek report points to charges that ‘Hudson’ allegedly previously posted the statement “quiero hacer cosas gamberras como meterme a una nina de 12 anos por el ojete,” to social media.

It translates as “I want to do thuggish things like stick a 12 year old girl up her asshole.”

Another tweet from 2014 is said to read “In the middle of the street in Mallorca in panties and screaming that I’m a nymphomaniac in front of a super beautiful 8-year-old girl.”

The ‘artist’ reportedly claimed it was a ‘joke’, but not that many are convinced that child rape is funny.

Other past tweets from ‘Hudson’ appear to mock women who have been victims of sexual abuse, saying they should be spat at.

Doritos are produced by Frito-Lay, a wholly owned subsidiary of PepsiCo. The company has not yet commented on the situation.

This makes Bud Light’s Dylan Mulvaney backfire look positively wholesome.

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