Dr. Michael J. Schwartz, Author of “Fauci’s Fiction” Joins Rose Unplugged (AUDIO)

Dr. Michael J Schwartz, author of “Fauci’s Fiction” joined Rose Unplugged to discuss Covid and the Covid ‘vaccine.’

Did the Government and modern medicine miss the boat on COVID-19 from day 1, or did they lie?

Dr. Michael J. Schwartz, the first in his state to conduct COVID-19 testing, knew that what Dr. Fauci told the American people on television during White House briefings didn’t match the data he and his staff collected on the ground.

“With the presidential election on the horizon, it’s disturbing to me that we still haven’t learned our lesson from the Covid-19 pandemic. We knew only two months into testing and treating that there was no need for lockdowns, masks, or, more importantly, mail-in ballots. The government and media took a narrative and ran with it to benefit their interests, all at the expense of the American people. As the first company to start testing in our state, we tried telling anyone who would listen but was drowned out by left-wing rhetoric and made out to be pariahs. Now that we’ve been proven correct, over and over again, it still amazes me how much of the public still doesn’t have access to the truth about COVID-19. It’s as if the government and media are embarrassed that they were so off base and wish it would get swept under the rug. If that happens, the 2024 election may as well be a carbon copy of what happened in 2020” – Dr. Michael J. Schwartz.


Dr. Michael J Schwartz has been an entrepreneur since 1993. He owns and operates 3 medical clinics in both New Jersey and Florida. His company was the first in New Jersey to start conducting Covid-19 testing. Over the course of his career, he has owned and operated many types of very diverse companies. He is an accomplished private pilot and an avid New York Yankee fan. A former police officer, he developed and taught a course, “The Secrets of Body Language and Communication” to private and governmental entities worldwide. He has performed stand-up comedy since his early 20s and performs regularly. He has appeared on multiple television and radio shows. Schwartz founded the charity Hometown Heroes in 2008 and is credited with distributing over three million in funds to those less fortunate. Multiple entities have recognized Hometown Heroes and he was even awarded the prestigious Robin Hood Service Award. Dr. Michael J. Schwartz has sat on numerous boards and has won many distinguished awards for his business career and philanthropic work.

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