Drizzle Drizzle? ‘Soft Guy Era’ Parody Trend Sheds Light On Feminist Hypocrisy

First, the feminists claimed that they “don’t need no man” and promoted a culture of “strong independent women,” the idea being that men were holding women back from their true potential.  The “patriarchy” conspiracy was an all prevailing issue for woke activists for years, and their answer was to attack and sabotage men and masculinity with a terroristic fervor.  Masculinity, they argued, is the root of all historic evils.

However, as feminists gained the backing of governments and massive corporate financiers the idea of women being “oppressed” in western countries seemed even less probable than it did before.  What rights under the law do men have that women don’t have?  Ask a feminist this question and she’ll have no idea how to answer.  Feminism and woke movements in general rely on the image of being the underdog; a heroic revolutionary effort by people who are fighting to gain a voice.  But woke activists aren’t fighting “the man”, they are “the man.”  You can’t be a revolutionary when you’re the oppressor.

In response, men started giving feminists exactly what they said they wanted:  Equal treatment.  The old days of chivalry and the expectations for men to support women financially quickly faded, and suddenly feminists discovered that men were no longer spending their cash as freely as they used to.  Everything is half-and-half today, and feminists don’t like that.

So, hypocritically, the same woke promoters that once pontificated about women being treated equally took to the internet to attack men who embraced the idea.  The “Sprinkle Sprinkle” narrative was born, with feminists demanding that men submit to feminism while also paying for everything a woman desires as if they are walking ATMs.  Those men that don’t are accused of being “broke losers” who don’t deserve companionship.

Yes, it’s bewildering, but this is the nature of Cultural Marxism – The goal of activists is to break down the target population until they are slaves to collectivist whim.  No matter what you do, no matter how you accommodate them, it’s never good enough because the true purpose is control.  In the case of feminism, being a man is the same as original sin and every man must pay the price for that sin for as long as they live.  Meaning if men want access to women they can’t just treat them equally, they also have to pay.

This philosophy has led to a flurry of online trends, mainly on websites like TikTok, in which feminists give women relationship advice on how to view men as an easy income source while squeezing them for every available penny.  The term “foodie call” became ubiquitous as social media activists laughed about having various categories of men in their roster, some for sex and some for free food.  This is where the now infamous “Restaurant Refusal List” came from; a list of eateries that feminists say women should never go to on a first date because they are “cheap.”

And don’t think for one second that these internet fads have no bearing on the real world, because they absolutely do.  The ignorance of older generations to the online social ecosystem is one of the reasons why the woke movement seemed to strike out of nowhere a decade ago.  Everyone thought it was fringe and funny until it suddenly began dominating every element of the web and pop-culture. 

The Sprinkle-Sprinkle trend blew up, with scores of women taking to TikTok to complain about how men don’t fulfill their needs monetarily and proudly boasting about the privileges they’re entitled to.  The double standard was now complete.  Women were all victims all the time.  Men were all victimizers all the time.  But women were also “powerful” and independent, yet they required men’s finances to feel respected.  Meaning, under feminism men can truly never win, even if they give in.    

Thankfully, grassroots counter-movements are learning and adapting to the online environment that woke activists have been thriving in, often with hilarious results.  Instead of “Sprinkle Sprinkle”, now it’s “Drizzle Drizzle” – The “Soft Guy Era” movement parodies feminist talking points, taking those arguments and flipping them around to show how ridiculous these women sound.

Men demand equal treatment, and feminists better have their cash and credit cards handy or they get no access. Men are now “the prize.”

Obviously these are all jokes and none of the men are serious, but not surprisingly a lot of feminists are furious anyway.  As the saying goes, the left can’t meme and they’re incapable of laughing at themselves.  

If you take, for example, common BLM arguments about white people and you flip the script by replacing the word “white” with the word “black”, those same arguments come out sounding incredibly racist.  Activists don’t like it when you use their methods against them.  The guys out there making Drizzle-Drizzle videos are using a similar debate technique, only with feminists.  

At bottom, feminism is a narcissistic and sociopathic ideology that is destroying western relationships and the nuclear family.  It is at the core of the current downfall of civilization and should not be taken lightly.  That said, sometimes ridicule is the most effective weapon for stopping social saboteurs.  Drizzle Drizzle, kings.   


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