Drug-Use, Robberies, & Public Sex: Cali Public Library Forced To Close Due To Rampant Illegal Activity

In case you’re wondering whether or not libraries still have use in the age of the internet, they do. And we have Gavin Newsom’s state to thank in helping the nation get reacquainted with their new purpose.

That use appears to now be a designated place for drug use, robberies and public sex. At least, that was the case at the Contra Costa County Library’s Antioch Branch in California, according to a new NY Post article.

The city of Antioch is about 45 miles northeast of Oakland and is home to about 115,000 people. 

That library has been forced to close its doors as a result of the illicit and illegal activity. 

In a statement, the library commented: “During the closure, the Library will be working to implement further security measures so we can reopen as soon as possible.”

One representative for the Contra Costa County Library System said: “We’ve also had drug activity and drug use both inside the library and on library property.”

“People having sexual intercourse inside the library or on property in full view of patrons and staff. We found bullet casings on library property,” she continued. 

One Antioch resident told the Post: “No one in the City of Antioch, including the police chief, was informed of safety concerns by Contra Costa County regarding the library.”

“We apologize for the short notice and the inconvenience but the safety of our patrons and staff is a top priority,” the branch said in a statement. 

It was ultimately the county’s decision to close the library, the report concluded. 

When it reopens, the library will have a 2nd security officer, repaired fencing and upgraded security cameras. 


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