ELECTION INTERFERENCE! Clinton-Judge Delays E. Jean Carroll Trial Until Tuesday – Day of New Hampshire Primary

Democrats are now openly interfering in the 2024 election.

Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Trump-hating Clinton judge without morals or integrity, announced on Monday that he was delaying the E. Jean Carroll defamation case against Donald Trump until Tuesday – on the day of the nation’s first primary in New Hampshire.

Kaplan, a Clinton appointee, previously ruled that Trump is liable for defamatory statements he made about E. Jean Carroll after she accused him of rape – but she’s not sure of the year or season it occurred. There is absolutely no evidence to support her accusations. But the New York court indicted Trump anyway for committing “rape” in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room where he was allegedly assisting Carroll in purchasing lingerie after he met this crazed woman on the street in New York City. The entire story is like something written for Law and Order.

In 2019, E. Jean Carroll alleged Donald Trump raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the 1990s.

Trump has denied the allegations and called E. Jean Carroll a “whack job” who’s “not my type.”

Judge Kaplan moved the trial to Tuesday – during the New Hampshire primary.

The trial was canceled on Monday.

Yahoo reported:

Testimony in Donald Trump’s federal defamation trial was canceled Monday after a juror reported feeling ill, pushing the next possible trial day to coincide with Tuesday’s primary contest in New Hampshire.

As a result, Trump lawyer Alina Habba asked U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan to delay Trump’s own testimony until Wednesday. “My client reminded me tomorrow is the New Hampshire primary and he needs to be in New Hampshire,” Habba said, with Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner, seated alongside her.

Habba said Trump had arrived in court Monday “planning to testify.”

A lawyer for the plaintiff, writer E. Jean Carroll, objected to such a delay, telling Kaplan, “we’d like to get this trial over,” and adding, “I just think we should finish tomorrow.” The trial, which began last Tuesday, was expected to take between three and five days. The trial took a pre-planned break on Friday.

Kaplan didn’t immediately rule on whether he would allow Trump to postpone his testimony.

Carroll is suing Trump for defamation over remarks he made in 2019, while he was president, denying her allegation that he raped her in the dressing room of a department store in the mid-1990s.

Trump responded to the delay.

“I traveled late last night from the Great State of New Hampshire to New York to attend one of the many Crooked Joe Biden-inspired Witch Hunt trials. Despite the fact that I was there, on time and on schedule, it was just learned that one of the jurors is, unfortunately, not feeling well, and for that reason, today’s session of the trial, having to do with a woman I know absolutely nothing about, has therefore been cancelled with a new date to be determined. Of course, all of these various “Biden Political Opponent” trials just happen to be starting, with great purpose, in the middle of what will be the most important Election in the History of our Country. They could have all began years ago, or years after, but, certainly not DURING the Election. In actuality, they should have never been brought at all, because I have done nothing wrong. It is what it is, and I will do what I have to do, all I ask for is fair Judges and Juries, and I will win every one of them.…” Trump said on Truth Social.

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