Enemy Inside the Wire: Congressional Staffers Hide Faces in Pro-Hamas Demonstration on Capitol Steps; Issue Demands

The day after pro-Hamas Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) was censured for anti-Semitism, a group of Congressional staffers who hid their identities behind facemasks held a pro-Hamas protest on the steps of the Capitol on Wednesday. The group of about one hundred sat on the House steps, with some holding a large white banner with a massage that said “Congressional Staff for a Ceasefire Now” behind three speakers who took turns reading a brief statement that made demands of their Congressmen bosses. The protest also featured dozens of bouquets of flowers held by staffers and laid out on the plaza in front of the protesters.

Screen image via Jehad Abusalim, X Twitter, November 8, 2023.

A flyer sent to staffers about the protest told them to hide their identities by wearing facemasks, concealing their Congressional IDs, covering tattoos and by turning off or leaving their work phones in their office.

The speakers made brief mention of the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel by Palestinians from Gaza, but did not mention the number of those slaughtered (1,400, mostly civilians) and kidnapped (over 200). However, the speakers decried the “thousands of innocent Palestinian civilians” allegedly killed by Israeli counter-attacks on Hamas in Gaza since October 7.

The staffers made demands of their Congressmen bosses, “We demand our leaders speak up, call for a ceasefire, a release of all hostages and an immediate de-escalation now.”

The language of the demands equates Israel’s defensive actions with the Hamas terrorist attack and would leave Hamas in power in Gaza. The demand that “all hostages” be released is a demand by Hamas that Israel release all Hamas terrorists lawfully being held prisoner in exchange for freeing the Israelis taken hostage by Hamas.




Instructions to hide identities:


Close up video of the speakers:

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