Entire Panel of Undecided Voters Backs Trump After Town Hall: ‘He Owns the Room’

Five undecided South Carolina voters joined Fox News host Laura Ingraham following a recent Fox News town hall featuring former President Donald J. Trump. The town hall took place this past Tuesday.

Ingraham interviewed Jason, Tracy, Eric, Dakota, and Matt the Monday prior to the town hall and after it. With all among them on the fence as to who they would vote for prior to hearing Trump, every one of them was pulling towards Trump by the end.

One of the reasons Trump had such a strong impact on them was he left the petty, negative flavoring off the table, not using even a single jibe against his competition. Instead, he led with solutions and genuinity. That’s the exact recipe that will positively impact undecided voters away from his only Republican rival in the South Carolina presidential primary, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

Haley is currently trailing the former president by a huge margin, playing the long game in hopes that Trump will be forced out of the running by the myriad of indictments against him, one can only assume. Based on likely voters to participate in the upcoming primary this Saturday, Trump is leading Haley 65 percent to 35 percent, according to a Suffolk University/USA Today survey.

With sidekick and regular contributor to “The Ingraham Angle,” Raymond Arroyo, by her side, Ingraham asked the voters if the town hall swayed their decision.

“Donald Trump, if I could summarize what he said in one word, it was just ‘strength.’ He had a way about him that just demanded attention, and he really sounded like the kind of leader I would want to vote for,” Dakota said.

President Trump was described as coming off extremely strong. His demeanor lent a needed air of confidence, dependability, and purpose to the conversation. He came across as having a plan and a direction.

Matt stated that he was extremely happy to hear that Trump was intent on using his success as his ultimate revenge. The question of vendetta has been on everyone’s minds, seemingly pushed by Democrats as the reason Trump was running.

Trump has insisted otherwise, claiming, “My success will be my revenge.” Matt then summed up Trump’s intentions in the following remark, “Is he running again to get revenge, to pay back, who do we have to attack, the vendetta? No, it’s my policies, my platform, my results, that will be the revenge.”

When asked by Arroyo if Trump adequately laid to rest all concerns as to how he planned to handle illegal immigration, including the removal of the nearly 10 million illegal immigrants who have invaded our nation thus far, Tracy seemed to be as satisfied as she possibly could be at present time. The fact is, the job won’t be easy even with the best plans in place.

Tracy brought up a good point about certain states being tougher than others to rid of these illegals, blue states predominantly. Trump certainly won’t be able to depend on the politicians leading those states to help, unlike the red states.

“In fact, where they need it the most, he will probably be the least effective,” she said. She isn’t wrong.

Beyond the fentynal topics and that of the homeless, which Trump scored big on, too, Arroyo asked Eric about the tone of the former president. “Likable” seemed to be the verdict here.

“Today he was so likable,” he said. “Guys, when he walks into a room, he owns the room. It is obvious everybody liked him. I couldn’t help myself but cheer for him. I am standing in front of a president. And it’s very exciting for me. … It’s hard to not like President Trump.”

Trump’s concern for this country stood out among these five voters. His answers convinced them that he was running because our nation is on its last legs. The five voters gave the impression that they believed Trump in his intent. And with everything the left is putting him through — the indictments, lawsuits, fines, and more — it’s tough to think otherwise.

Even Ingraham, herself, noted how most would have literally decided that they are done, given all that Trump has been forced to deal with simply for wanting to save the United States from the spiral that we are in. It is horrid how they are persecuting Trump. The Democrats are doing everything that they can to bring him to his knees. But it is his unwillingness to break that has Americans rallying behind him in droves.

The clincher for all five of the voters in throwing their weight behind Trump seemed to be the strategy Trump put forth to overcome all of his legal challenges. It seems that, with a solid plan in place supported by the Eighth Amendment, the voters felt confident checking the Trump box.

Matt ended by recanting Trump’s words, “I’m not worried about my safety. I’m worried about the safety of this country and its people.” The powerful statement tipped the scales, undoubtedly ringing true for all five and much of the rest of the nation as well. You won’t see this with Biden. It is time we get back to having a president not a puppet in the White House.

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