EPIC Hungary’s Orbán on EU ‘Blackmail’: ‘There Is Not Enough Money in the World To Force Us To Accept Mass Migration and To Put Our Children in the Hands of LGBTQ Activists’

Orbán torches yet again the EU globalists, their insane policies, and their relentless blackmail.

Conservative champion, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is under relentless pressure from the European Union over what the globalist group calls ‘rule of law concerns’ – meaning, his lack of surrender to the failed policies espoused by Brussels.

Besides his widely debated veto of the financial aid to Ukraine,icized  Orbán also critpolicies the EU believes to be infringing on LGBTQ+ rights, as well as those of asylum seekers.

Called by Orbán ‘the contemporary padory of the Soviet Union,’ The EU has frozen billions of Euros in funding to Hungary over this failure to bow to their hellish diktats.

The release of those funds has been tied to Hungary carrying out reforms to bring it into line with the EU’s ‘demoncratic standards’.

Orbán wrote on his X social media account:  ‘#Hungary cannot be blackmailed! There is not enough money in the world to force us to accept mass #migration and to put our children in the hands of LGBTQ activists. This is impossible!’

Associated Press reported:

“Gergely Gulyas, chief of staff to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, told a news conference on Thursday there were ‘limits’ to reaching an agreement with the bloc’s executive, since modifying policies on LGBTQ+ and asylum rights would contradict the will of Hungarian voters.

‘The Hungarian government is willing to reach an agreement with the Commission, but in cases where people have expressed a clear opinion, it would be undemocratic and unacceptable’, Gulyas said in Budapest, adding that there are ‘red lines’ when it comes to reforms Hungary is willing to make.

‘For Hungary, even despite the will of the European Commission, it is unacceptable to spread LGBTQ propaganda among children, and we also cannot abandon our position on migration issues’, Gulyas said.”

The EU wants to overturn a Hungarian law from 2021 forbidding the display of homosexual content to minors in media, including television, films, advertisements, and literature.

Legislation also prohibits discussion of LGBTQ+ topics in school education programs, as well as ‘public display of products depicting or promoting gender deviation.’

Budapest is also turning away asylum seekers at its borders, requiring them to begin the asylum process at Hungarian embassies in Serbia and Ukraine.

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“The EU in December released more than 10 billion Euros ($10.9 billion) to Hungary after it undertook reforms to ensure the independence of its judicial system, but more than 20 billion Euros remain frozen pending further legal changes.

On Wednesday, European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, said those funds ‘will remain blocked until Hungary fulfills all the necessary conditions.’”

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