EVIL: CNN Criticizes ‘Sound of Freedom’ for Allegedly Encouraging QAnon Conspiracy Theories Despite Real-life Implications of Epstein-Maxwell (VIDEO)

The faith-based film ‘Sound of Freedom’ has outperformed Disney’s $300 million-budget film “Indiana Jones” at the box office. Yet, the far-left mainstream media, rather than addressing the film’s central issue of child sex trafficking, is painting the movie and its supporters with a broad stroke of QAnon conspiracy.

Sex trafficking, a horrifying reality affecting millions of children worldwide annually, has been the focal point of ‘Sound of Freedom.’ The film was designed to shed light on this global crisis and bring it to the forefront of public consciousness.

According to the U.S. State Department, the global estimate for victims of trafficking stands at approximately 27.6 million. Many of these are children, and many of them are continuing to be exploited in the U.S., not just through physical violence but also by compelling them to perform labor or engage in commercial sex.

“In the United States, traffickers compel victims to engage in commercial sex and to work in both legal and illicit industries and sectors, including in hospitality, traveling sales crews, agriculture, janitorial services, construction, landscaping, restaurants, factories, care for persons with disabilities, salon services, massage parlors, retail services, fairs and carnivals, peddling and begging, drug smuggling and distribution, religious institutions, child care, and domestic work,” the agency stated.

“Human traffickers prey on people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities, exploiting them for their own profit,” it added.

However, major media outlets like CNN are downplaying the movie and associating its narrative with “QAnon conspiracy theories.”

In a recent CNN interview, Mike Rothschild joined Abby Phillip to criticize the film. Abby kicked off the discussion by bringing up the controversial themes in the movie, like a “real wild plot that involves drinking the blood of children and things like that.”

Rothschild responded, pointing to Jim Caviezel, the film’s leading actor, accusing him of using the film as a platform to propagate QAnon beliefs.

It seems Rothschild and Phillip are unaware that at least 400 African children have been abducted and trafficked to the UK for blood rituals, according to BBC.

Source: BBC

According to Rothschild, the movie is playing into the hands of QAnon believers by blending real-world horrors like child trafficking with conspiracy-driven narratives. He suggests that the film feeds into a sense of “moral panic” and uses “bogus statistics” to stir fear among the audience.

Phillip pointed out that ‘Sound of Freedom’ indeed touches on the real issue of sex trafficking. Rothschild acknowledged this but maintained that the film’s message feeds into QAnon conspiracy theories.

“The most durable and the most believable conspiracy theories are not entirely false. There’s something in them that is true and the rest of it is false,” Rothschild claimed.

“We know trafficking is real. We know it has real victims. No one is denying that. But these films are created out of moral panics. They’re created out of bogus statistics. They’re created out of fear,” Rothschild added.

Rothschild believes that while child sex trafficking is a severe global issue, the specific notion of a pervasive network of high-level elites involved in such activities is largely unfounded.

“With something like Sound of Freedom, it specifically is looking at QAnon concepts of these child trafficking rings that are run by the high-level elites,” he added.

Did Rothschild forget why Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell were sent to prison?

Everyone knows that Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell were degenerate villains who groomed and trafficked young girls to be used and abused by Epstein, his clients, and friends.

Epstein famously died by “suicide” before he could go to trial.  However, Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of sex trafficking minors in December of 2021.  No less than 23 women testified in court that Epstein trafficked and abused them.  Four specifically testified they were abused by Maxwell as well. But even today, “NOT ONE CHILD RAPIST ON THE EPSTEIN CLIENT LIST HAS BEEN ARRESTED OR PAID FOR THEIR CRIMES.”

Stunningly, no media outlet in the country has petitioned the Court to unseal the identities of Epstein’s Clients.

That’s why The Gateway Pundit lawyers Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman of the Randazza Legal Group, along with TGP General Counsel John Burns, filed a motion to intervene in the Guiffre v. Maxwell case in the United States District Court for the District of New York. TGP is asking the Court to unseal all records identifying Epstein’s Sex Clients. 

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One Epstein’s victim spoke out during the sentencing of Maxwell, saying, “I have spend the last 17 years in my own prison for what she, Jeffery & all the coconspirators did to me. I was raped repeatedly, I was raped 3x per day sometimes & I was not the only girl on that island. There was a constant stream of girls being raped over and over and over again.”


Rothschild continued, “And only people like Tim Ballard and only people like Jim Caviezel, and by extension, only people like the ticket buyer can help bring these trafficking rings down. So there’s a very participatory element. You’re not just going to see a movie, you’re just killing 2 hours on a hot day. You are helping bring down these pedophile rings and save children. Now, it’s not true, but it’s a very comforting and it’s a very warm feeling to have.”

Rothschild has underestimated the potential impact of films like ‘Sound of Freedom.’ Making a movie about child sex trafficking is crucial as it shines a light on a deeply disturbing but often overlooked global issue. Such films can raise public awareness, evoke empathy, and prompt much-needed discussions about this heinous crime. They also serve to humanize the victims, making the crisis more relatable and thus harder to ignore.

Additionally, these movies can inspire viewers to take action, whether by supporting anti-trafficking organizations or by advocating for stronger legislation against such activities. By using the power of storytelling, cinema can play an instrumental role in the fight against child sex trafficking.

Below is the clip from CNN:

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