EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Eli Crane Discusses Shutting Down the Government Until The Southern Border is Shut Down, Mayorkas Impeachment, and Possibility of Motion to Vacate Speaker Johnson

Illegal aliens in Eagle Pass, Texas

Representative Eli Crane (R-AZ) discussed the southern border crisis, Alejandro Mayorkas’ dereliction of duty on the border, and rumblings of a Motion to Vacate against House Speaker Mike Johnson in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit last Friday. 

Mike Johnson has had numerous letdowns as speaker of the House:

  • The Southern border remains wide open.
  • Legislation to reform FISA Section 702 and stop the FBI’s warrantless spying on innocent Americans was blocked by Johnson.
  • Johnson announced a $1.590 trillion budget for fiscal year 2024, applauded by Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

As some Freedom Caucus members weigh a potential Motion to Vacate against Johnson, Marjorie Taylor Greene recently held nothing back, telling Steve Bannon she is considering a Motion to Vacate.

Eli Crane also chimed in when asked about the possibility of removing Johnson because of the ongoing border crisis and the recent spending package, which gives $65.5 billion to Ukraine and $14.4 billion to Israel but only about 8 billion to CBP, ICE, and US citizenship & immigration. Crane, one of the eight brave GOP Representatives who voted to remove Kevin McCarthy from the Speakership, said, “I think the motion to vacate is a great tool. That’s why I’m in a fight to make sure that it stays around.”

Crane further told us that he is aware of the conversations about a Motion to Vacate against Johnson, but among his voters and other House members, “It’s not even close to the level that it was with Kevin McCarthy.” He added, “I want to make sure that we understand the seriousness of that tool.”

“Even though some of these positions that speaker Johnson has taken are disappointing to most of us,” said Crane, unlike McCarthy, “at least he’s not lying to us.”

Still, he urges Mike Johnson to get a handle on the “out of control spending” and the wide open border and give conservatives more wins against the Biden Regime.

More than 11 million illegals, who are mainly military-age males and include many known or suspected terrorists, have invaded the US on Joe Biden’s watch. More than 300,000 illegal aliens crossed over the US border in December alone, according to Customs and Border Protection. And these are just the number they’re admitting to. It is likely FAR more.

This is not only a national security emergency, but who do you think these people are going to vote for when they end up in cities all across the nation that do not even require citizenship to vote?

Leftist cranks like Rep. Alexandria Occasio-Cortez (D-NY) are already saying the quiet part out loud: amnesty and voting rights for all–everywhere.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, AOC, the genius she is, actually said, “You can fix [the illegal immigration crisis] by trying to build a wall, or you can fix that by trying to document people and create a path to citizenship.”At first, we thought this was from a parody account or a cheap AI imitation… Nope. This is just the America that Democrats want, whether you like it or not!

Senator Roger Marshall introduced a vote of no confidence resolution against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the Senate last Tuesday as the House ramps up its proceedings to impeach Mayorkas for violating his oath and fostering a historic border crisis.

Additionally, to end this open border crisis and the influx of illegal aliens, many of whom will likely vote in the next election, five America First Republican House members have proposed a seemingly easy solution. Unfortunately,  nothing that helps American citizens is easily accomplished.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Eli Crane (R-AZ), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Matt Rosendale (R-MT), and Bob Good (R-VA) are on board with a government shutdown until Congress and Joe Biden shut down the southern border.

Five House Republicans Vow to Shut Down the Government Until Biden Shuts Down Illegal Immigration at Southern Border (VIDEO)

Crane told The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson,

CRANE: Well, it’s pretty simple, Jordan. I mean, I think that those of us that went down to the border, I think we had Bob Good, Andy Biggs, Matt Gaetz, Matt Rosendale, and there are plenty others, I think, who understand the severity of this issue, and who are actually listening to the people in this country, listening to the voters we’re supposed to be representing. I think voters far and wide across the country, regardless of the state that you live in, often, even Democrats in blue states understand the severity of this issue, and they know there’s an invasion at the southern border. And many, if not all of them, are starting to feel it when they go to emergency rooms and have tremendous, extended wait times, and they’re seeing people that aren’t even from this country, who don’t pay taxes here, who aren’t citizens of this country, often who don’t even speak the language, being given medical treatment before they are. Or, whether they’re getting on a flight, you know, or whether they’re paying their auto insurance, and their rates go up because there are so many uninsured illegals driving around on the streets that they commute on every single day; there’s so many. Or one of their family members or one of their children died of fentanyl because our border patrol agents are being tied up at ports of entry or crossing points, allowing all these illegal, fatal drugs to come into the country. I mean, there are so many things going on right now to where even the mainstream media can’t spin it away. Americans are taking note, I mean, just recently, Jordan, in New York City, kids were told, they couldn’t even go to their own high school because we have so many illegals to house in the gymnasium. I mean, it’s gotten dystopian, and it’s like, the people that I represent, Jordan, have told me, “Hey, shut that border down and shut the government down until it is,” because they understand. One of the only things that people up here in this town care about, they think so highly of the work we do up here that that’s the only thing on their mind. They don’t understand the existential crisis that this border situation is, and some of them are so detached, Jordan, that I think it would actually take somebody in their family getting killed by fentanyl, or maybe somebody that they love getting beat up or murdered by an MS13 gang member, or another 911 before it actually got through their thick skull. And so, yeah, it is that important. We’re gonna keep doing everything that we can to sound the alarm and force people to pay attention to it and force other representatives and officials up here in Washington DC to do something about it. And if that means that we have to have a government shutdown, Jordan, hey, then let’s do that. If that’s what it’s going to take for people to wake up, then I’m all about it because this is an invasion, and it’s going to drastically affect our nation for decades.

Crane on the Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment inquiry:

Right now, we have an impeachment inquiry, and we’re starting those hearings in the Homeland Security Committee, which I sit on, and we’re gonna keep pushing for his impeachment. And for me, Jordan, honestly, people say, and I think maybe rightfully so, that, “Hey, well, if you guys impeach Secretary Mayorkas, what are the odds that this administration is going to appoint somebody as bad or worse?” That’s a valid concern. And it honestly is a possibility. My interest right now and my logic here is let’s hold the individual in the seat accountable for the complete dereliction of duty, doing the exact opposite of what his job title is, Secretary of Homeland Security, which implies that he’s supposed to be securing the border. And if the next guy, if the next gal, that comes in behind him does the exact same thing, then let’s work on holding them accountable after that, but this idea that you can come, when your job is to protect the American people and secure the homeland and the citizens within it, and you come in and you set up policies, you do the exact opposite, you’ve got hundreds of 1000s of people dying because of the illegal drugs pouring in, you’ve got the sex trafficking industry that’s just on fire in this country, every negative byproduct that comes because of his dereliction of duty, and because of the architect that he’s been of this completely wide open border, on top of the fact that He lies to Congress about having operational control over the southern border has led me to, from the moment I got here, I think it was the second month I was here, Jordan, I co sponsored Andy Biggs’ articles of impeachment. There’s been several other members who have done the same thing, and I’ve co-sponsored those bills, too. But outside of that, participating in the oversight hearings, making sure I tell Alejandro Mayorkas to his face what my constituents think about the job he’s doing, there’s only so much that a certain member of Congress can do. But we’re gonna keep doing everything that we can to make sure that he’s held accountable and hopefully impeached by this Congress, and I wish we could do more sometimes. But I’m also glad that our authorities and powers are limited, Jordan, in this balanced government, with checks and balances, because sometimes, with the people that we have up here, if each member of the House had more powers, sometimes I think that might actually make the living conditions for Americans even worse, just because of the caliber of people that we often have up here.

Crane also commented on his recent endorsement of JR Majewski, Ohio Ninth District congressional candidate, saying Majewski is not “your typical politician type,” and he “is going to be one of the guys that comes up here and actually is willing to put his political career on the line and throw down with us.”

Watch the full interview below:

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