EXCLUSIVE: HEARTBREAKING VIDEO of 4-Year Old Boy Crying for His Daddy as Armed FBI Goons Raid Home of Decorated Veteran and Point Lasers at His Wife and Son Following Jan. 6 – His Wife Miscarried the Next Day… Please Donate to This Family in Need Today!

Chris Kuehne was sentenced on Friday for his actions on January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol.

Chris is a 22-year veteran who received numerous medals and awards, including the Purple Heart, a Navy Commendation Medal with Valor, and a Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal with Valor for actions in combat.

Chris has personally sacrificed his blood, sweat, and tears serving our country and has paid the price for his duty and continues to live with debilitating and invisible injuries. Even before this Chris has protected people and helped people in need. As a 9-year-old Cub Scout he was awarded the Boy Scouts of America’s highest honor, the Medal of Merit, for saving his young sister from a burning car.

On January 6, 2021, Chris went inside the Capitol but did not cause any harm or damage – in fact he cleaned trash off the floor, helped to stop theft of government property, asked people to leave the building, and went up to Capitol Police Officers to ask how he could help. Chris was also set-up by an FBI operative that day. Chris committed no violence and did nothing wrong.

One month later, in the early morning of February 11, 2021 Chris, his four-year-old child, and his wife Annette, who was pregnant at the time were awakened to sirens, cell phone rings, and bursts of colorful lights reflecting through our windows.

Annette later went public about the raid, “The FBI instructed Chris to come outside immediately. Our 4-year-old was awakened from the chaos, and I picked him up and ran downstairs to open the front door. Our house, street and neighboring streets were completely surrounded by armed FBI and law enforcement. It was a scene that we see so many times in the movies, but now it was here at my house! There were three large armored tactical vehicles parked on my front, side and back yard, and police vehicles that extended throughout the entire community. I open the door, and for a second, I didn’t realize that there were about twenty FBI SWAT Team members with semi-automatic rifles pointed at my son and I. We were covered by the bright red lasers pointed at our faces, chests, and various points on our bodies.”

Armed FBI soldiers terrorize young family during early morning raid on their home. The FBI lit up the 4-year-old son and mother with lasers as they raided the home after US veteran Chris Kuehne was seen inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6 picking up trash. Something is very wrong in America today.

Today we have exclusive video of Annette holding her crying son as armed FBI agents raided their home! Their boy was terrified and crying after FBI goons lit up his little face with red lasers and woke him up with armored vehicles surrounding their home.

We are losing America to these heartless tyrants.

The little boy is crying for his daddy. This was taken the morning of the raid.

** Please support Christopher Kuehne and his family in their fight against political persecution here.

Annette Kuehne was forced outside barefoot in February in Kansas.  Annette miscarried their baby the next day.

Did you notice how the one FBI agent was attempting to quiet the terrified boy — as the rest of the armed agents ran by the two to enter their home?  Did that make you feel sick to your stomach, too?

Chris Kuehne was sentenced on Friday, February 23, 2024 in a DC courtroom.

Chris, a decorated war veteran who was picking up trash inside the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, was sentenced to:
** 75 days in prison
** 60 days of home detention
** 2 years of probation.

He needs to be taught a lesson.

His son will forever be traumatized for this wicked act by his government.

For the record, Chris was setup by an FBI operative who was embedded in his Kansas City group before Jan. 6.

** Please support Christopher Kuehne and his family in their fight against political persecution here.

The Gateway Pundit has been following the Chris Kuehne case for years now.

Wife Suffers Miscarriage Day After FBI Raids Home Over Combat Veteran Husband’s Presence at US Capitol

Please pray for the Kuehne family. And help out if you can. Thank you!

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