EXCLUSIVE: Newsome and Bergquam Expose the Terror of Lawless Illegals at Chicago Migrant Facility – FOIA Reveals Battery, Assault, Burglary, Domestic Battery, Criminal Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse, Stabbings at ONE SINGLE FACILITY

By Paul Drabik

Joe Biden’s illegals flip the bird to reporters in the Windy City.

The dystopian political landscape in Chicago is reaching a fever pitch with the immigration crisis. Chicago is no stranger to violence in recent years. However, as illegal immigration continues to plague the country, real-world evidence of a crisis is on display throughout the streets of Chicago. Terry Newsome of Behind Enemy Lines, and Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice, teamed up on March 21st to expose the truth about the human catastrophe in Chicago. While many immigrants are likely seeking a brighter future, the economy of violence and exploitation has spun out of control due to the rampant corruption of the Democrat party in blue cities across America. Americans and illegal immigrants alike have become victims of violent crime including murder. Cities like Chicago signal no end in sight to the human tragedy that lays at the foot of the American taxpayer.

In December 2023 Ben Bergquam of Real America’s Voice re-posted a video on X from Terry Newsome of Behind Enemy Lines podcast highlighting the illegal immigrant catastrophe in Chicago. The post went viral approaching half a million views. Newsome had reported on busloads of immigrants being redirected to Chicago suburbs as a political ploy to attempt to slow down the migratory influx. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson sought to politicize migrant women and children by pointing the finger at Texas Governor Gregg Abbot as the villain of the Biden administration’s illegal invasion. Mayor Johnson had directed law enforcement to both ticket and impound buses bringing illegal immigrants into the city. The bus companies reacted by redirecting their routes to suburban train stations where the illegals were forced to prolong their journey waiting in the freezing temperatures of the Chicago winter.

Newsome recorded some of these interactions for his podcast and start-up news site, Behind Enemy Lines. In February of 2024 The Gateway Pundit reported on an interaction Newsome had in the Downers Grove, Illinois train station. Newsome encountered a number of Venezuelan immigrants appearing to flash gang signs and tattoos associated with the transnational criminal gang, Tren de Aragua. Predictably, many of these immigrants voiced their fealty to Biden.

In March 2024, Newsome and Bergquam traveled to a well known repurposed factory on the southside of Chicago to speak with Pastor David Lowery and many southside African Americans frustrated by the crisis. The men expressed their concern regarding the influx of immigrants who will likely replace cheaper labor by taking even lower wages under the table for cash. They spoke of the increased burden of the taxpayer to cover the myriad social services necessary to care for the illegals.

There was clear frustration with the Democrat party that is supporting these policies. The proof of the Democrat’s apathy to American suffering was on display recently when all 51 Democrat senators voted against Marsha Blackburn’s bill, the CLEAR Act. The bill would help deport illegals who commit violent crimes, among other protections.

The illegal immigration crisis is obvious to most Americans regardless of party affiliation. Apparently, that truth is no bulwark against the gas-lighting propaganda of NPR, whose March 8th headline read: “Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S.-born Americans, studies find.” The piece is a typical butchering of generalized statistics such as, “They found that undocumented immigrants are 37.1% less likely to be convicted of a crime.” Of course, less likely to be convicted is certainly less concerning than whether someone is more likely to COMMIT a crime or not. Surely, this is a distinction NPR mistakenly omitted from the piece. They also cited a study between 2007 and 2016 that showed there was no link between undocumented immigrants and an increase in crime. This is hardly relevant without the context of the recent years of attacks on law enforcement and the underwriting of criminal leniency in blue cities like Chicago since 2020.

There is no better evidence of the Democrat-fueled chaos in Chicago than the unintended encounter Newsome and Bergquam experienced on March 21st.

The duo, along with Pastor Lowery, stumbled upon a group of illegals allegedly engaged in a drug deal. The incident went viral with over 1 million views of Bergquam’s X post. In the video the illegals appear aggressive and indignant about their activities confronting Newsome and Bergquam face to face. The incident ends with one of the illegals showing his contempt via the middle finger. A more fitting expression representing a Biden America could not have been captured.

Most shocking however, is what was found via a FOIA request made by Terry Newsome.

After encountering push back from employees when attempting to report on the illegal alien shelter at the Inn of Chicago, Newsome made a FOIA request for all calls, complaints, reports, or arrests associated with the location between January 1, 2023 and February 22, 2024.

 In the 200 pages of reporting returned, there were many violent crimes including aggravated battery, assault, domestic battery, burglary, robbery, aggravated criminal sexual abuse, aggravated criminal sexual assault, child abuse, child abduction, endangering the life/health of a child, and multiple stabbings.

Littered throughout the reports are descriptions of mental health incidents. Pictured below are a few disturbing detailed reports, including one incident where a husband physically assaulted his wife for sending remittances back to the family.

More disturbing still, is the heavily redacted aggravated criminal sexual abuse of a minor who was sent to Lurie Children’s Hospital. Lastly, the mugshot shows a man who was physically abusing a 4 year old boy.


Americans will be on the hook for increased police presence, hospital visits, Department of Children and Family Services visits, and many other social welfare programs that the illegals will, of course, be forced to consume. The problem is unsustainable from an economic perspective. Yet, in light of this reporting at just one location in Chicago, the moral crisis we face is untenable to the survival of a nation who wishes to pose as the moral authority on the world stage. Rebuking the Democrat party at the ballot box in November is no longer a political vote. It is a vote of conscience.

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