Exclusive: One-on-One with Kash Patel on the Missing Trump Binder – Where Did it Go? Who Has It? – Plus the Latest on the Russiagate Investigation, Gina Haspel, Biden’s Classified Documents, and More with TGP’s Jim Hoft

Kash Patel joins Jim Hoft to discuss the latest developments on Russiagate and more.

Attorney, author, and esteemed Russiagate investigator Kash Patel sat down with The Gateway Pundit founder Jim Hoft this week to discuss the latest reports on the Russiagate investigation.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Kash earlier in the week, hoping to get his reaction to the latest Substack reports on the Russiagate scandal by investigative journalists Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag.

The three investigators made headlines earlier this month with their series of reports on the Russiagate scandal to get Trump.

Kash Patel led the original investigation in Congress when then Rep. Devin Nunes hired him to investigate the Deep State’s lawless investigation and attempted coup against candidate and then President Trump. It was Kash who was able to dig up significant documents that pinned what he discovered was a hoax by powerful government officials to take down Donald Trump. What Kash discovered was that there was not a single piece of evidence to tie Trump to Russia after his interviews with over 50 government officials and that the scandal went back to Barack Obama’s administration.

Kash and Rep. Nunes released their famous House Intelligence Committee report in 2018 that blew the scandal wide open. Deep State and Democrat officials waged an unprecedented war on Donald Trump using the full weight of the federal government and the assistance of foreign intelligence agencies. This was the greatest political scandal in US history.

In 2020, director Amanda Milius produced “The Plot Against the President” by Lee Smith based on the courageous work of Kash Patel, Devin Nunes, and others.

On Wednesday, Jim Hoft spoke with Kash Patel about the latest research by Shellenberger, Taibbi, and Gutentag. We also discussed the latest updates in the Russiagate investigation, including the whereabouts of the secret Trump binder, the role of Gina Haspel and other government officials, Rod Rosenstein, Joe Biden’s stolen classified documents, the unending lies of the Russiagate hoaxers, and the future of this great republic.

On Shellenberger, Taibbi and Gutentag’s latest reports:

Kash Patel:  Look… Anytime we can actually get the truth out, like my former boss and mentor and friend, Devin Nunes, told me, “Kash, if you said it a million times, you’ve only just begun saying it.” And he was right. And anytime we can get the narrative on the biggest election rig job in US history out into the American bloodstream, I think it’s a win. So, any reporters that are willing to touch it and daring to touch it, I’m all for it. And I think the reporting that Taibbi, and Shellenberger and Gutentag have been doing is great…  Some of this was old, some of this is new. And most importantly, we got to get a whole lot more stuff that hasn’t been released yet that we’ve been fighting for out there.

Jim Hoft:  …They got a lot of headlines. And I thought it was terrific to see this back in the news. A couple of things I wanted to ask you about from their reporting. One was the name, and we’ll probably be jumping around here, but one was the name Gina Haspel. They mentioned her in their reporting. And why is that important? The fact that her name came up?

Kash Patel:  Well, look, to me, it’s always helpful when you identify government corruption, that you identify the actors. And Russiagate, as we all know, was a politically funded operation into our intelligence and law enforcement communities to go to a secret court and lie about a political opponent, to illegally surveil them, I mean, that took us two years to unpack. Right. It was a big deal.

But then you got to ask, wait a second. How does that happen, and who are the players behind it? And I’ve always said Gina Haspel is one of the leading Russiagate architects who’s remained behind the scenes. She would go on to become Trump’s director of the Central Intelligence Agency. But if you rewind the clock back, and this is something I’ve told Schellenberg and Taibbi about and many others. In 2016, when Russiagate was launched in England, Gina Haspel was the CIA Station Chief for England, the number one US intel officer in the United Kingdom. And the reason that’s important is because for intelligence operations to be lawfully conducted overseas in any country, England or otherwise…
Gina in England has to authorize those offensive operations for intel and law enforcement. And we now know, and we know some more details due to the new reporting that not only were the FBI and IC officials involved in operations in England, but possibly other intel allies overseas. And none of that could have happened without Gina Haskell’s authorization…

…So she’s the one who helped launch Russia Gate. And nobody’s questioned her as to why and what the legality of that was and the extent of which she knew and also, more importantly, the internal memorandums that she would have had to have written to authorize that conduct. Who’d she work with? Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page, others? …And why would she, the CIA representative in the United Kingdom, interfere in a presidential election cycle? That’s something that they’re not supposed to do, period.

On CIA Director Gina Haspel’s role in Russiagate:

Jim Hoft:  And how does someone like Gina Haspel end up as a CIA Director under Trump? Obviously, people knew that she was involved in this.

Kash Patel:  Well, some people just didn’t want to believe it, and others just said it’s not important because back then people thought, if you’re talking Russiagate, you’re talking right-wing conspiracy, neocon theories, but in reality, you were talking the biggest corruption scandal to plague the US intelligence community and law enforcement community against a weaponized target of politics in US history. And so also, the fact remains that the establishment class is always going to put forward establishment figures. And you can’t fault Donald Trump in 2016 for having no idea how DC operates because he’s new to the political game.  He came in and said, oh, I should be able to trust people in government.

On the remaining Russiagate documents:

Kash Patel:  We still don’t have all the documents… We did the Nunez Report and the Russiagate report, the 330 page report, and we put out the 65 depositions, we talked to all of the people involved in Russiagate, that took us two years just to get out. The second big piece of information that people are finally focusing on is, remember… John Brennan, in a matter of weeks, was ordered by Obama to issue his ICA, his Intelligence Community Assessment. What did Russia do, if anything, to interfere in the US elections? As if you could surmise that answer in three weeks. But they gave it a go and they produced this report, which was largely false. And what we did on the Russiagate team, I’m talking Devin Nunes, me, and a couple of other staffers, is … we simultaneously we put subject matter experts against John Brennan’s ICA and we created a classified report akin to the Nunes memo on just the ICA, meaning what went into it?…

…We answered all these questions in a 17 page report. Now, we tried to get that report out after we did the Russiagate investigation, and then we tried to get it out during the Trump administration when Johnny Ratcliffe was DNI and I was a Deputy and all that stuff. And the single most important figure in blocking the release of that report on the ICA is Gina Haspel, and it never got out. So I’m glad that there’s new light on that specific reporting. We have to clarify some of the things that has been written about it. But I’ve always wanted its release because it speaks volumes to what’s now in the mainstream media… So, look, I think if President Trump wins, this should be declassified, along with a whole host of other material. I think the American public and reporters actually should champion the release of it.

On Rod Rosenstein and the 4th FISA request to spy on Trump:

Kash Patel:  My problem was the fourth warrant, the most damning warrant that Rob Rosenstein falsely signed. They took all that information and never let it out. That’s one of the things we’ve always wanted out, because we wanted the American public to see what the FBI-DOJ utilized to go in and unlawfully spy on President Trump. And all that bogus intel was in the fourth FISA. And when the DOJ went in there and rescinded it, they basically put a black marker over it and said, the law prohibits us from now disclosing this, even though we’re the ones that screwed up.

Jim Hoft:  You know, I’ve seen some videos of you talking about Rod Rosenstein. He sounds like quite the guy. And, this is interesting because he’s the one who signed the last FISA document.

Kash Patel:  I rarely have any personal animosity against anyone, but I do have a problem with corrupt government officials. And Rod Rosenstein was a Trump appointee who came in and Devin and I went to him and Chris Wray and said, look, this happened before you guys. You want to help us clean this up?  We know you weren’t involved back then. But no, they took the other road. They doubled down not only on surveilling Donald Trump on bogus intelligence and lying to a federal court and having employees lie literally under oath to a federal court. These guys, in December of 17, sat down. These guys, Rosenstein and Wray, sat me and Nunez down in a SCIF in the Capitol building and threatened to surveil us because we were exposing their corruption. Here’s the kicker. It was a lie. Do you want to know why it was a lie? Because we would find out five years later that Rod Rosenstein and Chris Wray had already authorized the unlawful surveillance against me and nine other congressional staffers… Google, of all people, notified me six months ago that there were grand jury subpoenas sent on my personal accounts, for my banking information, my emails, my metadata, and all the messages I’ve ever sent and received.

And that could only have come from Rod Rosenstein and his DOJ. So do you know what I did? We sued the DOJ and FBI, Rosenstein, and Chris Ray. And a month later, do you know what they did? They let the world know that it wasn’t just me. It was nine other senior congressional staffers that were unlawfully surveilled on. And the DOJ changed its policy on how it would do that going forward. Meaning they screwed up and they don’t want that out there. Now, Jim Jordan opened up an investigation into this, and I hope it goes somewhere, because we need to have Rosenstein and Wray testify, not just as their calamitous conduct from Russiagate, but how dare you use the DOJ and FBI and CIA to issue revenge tactics against staffers who are exposing corruption at the government!..

… And, it doesn’t stop there. Remember Rod Rosenstein? Andy McCabe, the deputy director of the FBI, conspired together to have Rosenstein wear a wire while sitting down and talking to President Trump, that’s now public so that they could utilize the 25th amendment and remove Donald Trump? And when Rosenstein got caught, he goes, oh, we were just joking! Who jokes about that? You’re the number one law enforcement officer in the country, and you’re joking about utilizing the Constitution to execute a political vendetta because you are one of the most corrupt officials to ever sit in the seat at the Department of Justice!?…

…I’m thrilled to be doing this (interview) and can’t wait to push this out and talk about it at CPAC when I have to talk there this week!

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The mysterious Trump binder:

Kash Patel:   Cipollone and Barr and Rosenstein and others blocked the release of this binder, yelling the same falsehoods about national security and sources are going to die. Did Christopher Steele ever die? No. Did Rosenstein and Haspell and Barr and Comey and McCabe, were they ever harmed in any way? No, because there’s a smart way to release this information, which we did, and we showed them how to do it. And they were terrified that if we release the rest, you guys are going to see a lot of the underlying information that you’ve been (TGP) reporting on so brilliantly. You’re going to be like, oh, my God, this is worse than we thought!

Jim Hoft:  With this binder, this was a lot of the documents that you dug up, you and Devon Nunes and you had collected over the years. And who put this binder together then?

Kash Patel:  I think it was a collaboration. I know then chief of staff Mark Meadows with people who just kind of knew what we should be looking for… And it’s the presidential prerogative to say, hey, if these documents are classified just to cover up corruption, let’s get them out there. And that’s what we felt. It’s just surprising to me that these deep state actors who swear they play by the law, had a Commander-in-Chief declassify these documents. And this DOJ under Joe Biden is the one withholding the release of that binder…

…Look, it’s not a mystery, in my opinion, where that binder is. It’s been publicly reported that NARA, the librarians that launched the bogus Trump classified document case, and protected Hillary Clinton, they said that the binder was handed over to DOJ. Where is it? Why hasn’t it been released? Oh, we have to review for it for personal identifiable information. Okay, so redact people’s private names. Great. No problem. Take out their addresses and phone number. Great. I’m all for that.

Jim Hoft:  Didn’t President Trump, too? We posted a document a couple of days ago that shows before he left office he signed to release the binder. He actually mentions the binder in his statement. And he mentions the binder several times, and he says, redact what you need. But he wanted it released. That’s an order from the president, isn’t it? I mean… He’s telling them to do this, and they never did it.

Kash Patel: Pat Cipollone. Go ask him. He was White House Counsel. He didn’t do it. Him and Gina prevented the release of the ICA Report – prevented the release of this binder. And it’s my understanding of the law. Maybe I’m wrong, but the president is the ultimate arbiter of classification. If he says something’s declassified, that’s it. There’s no paperwork that has to follow in order to make it valid. He said it. That’s how it works…

…The order was issued and the chain of command wasn’t followed. And that’s why guys like Cipollone and others, I think, are so damaging to the institutions. They covered up for these deep state operatives, because yet again, they wanted to protect the institutions. Look, Bill Barr had every opportunity as the Attorney General to put this information out there, every single one… He was told where it was and what it was and he sat around and didn’t release the information … he never released it. So he’s at fault, too, because he wanted to protect the institution of DOJ and its grandiosity. But in reality, guys like him are the ones that are destroying America’s faith in those very institutions.

Jim Hoft: I want to reiterate one thing that you said, this binder is really documents that Kash Patel and some others put together . And that was so it was all in one place, I suppose. So that all this information is there and that’s the binder that Trump is talking about. But it’s really, I can say this, this is the Kash Patel binder.

Kash Patel: There were so many people I know who were on the team that helped put this thing out there that never wanted their name in the public sphere. And I totally get that because they want to continue to do the work. But I just want to make clear it was a great collection of very smart people over the years… There’s no way for any one person to be like, here we go. It’s just too big of a web. So I think it was a great endeavor by the president and his team to come out and say, okay, what didn’t we get? What can we get out? And a lot of folks who will remain nameless. I helped for sure, and I don’t mind publicly saying that to the tune of a special counsel subpoena, but to me, it’s more important that the truth gets out…

…I personally don’t think that Donald Trump ever took it because per NARA that’s been reported publicly. It went to DOJ. So how could he have taken it if DOJ has had it for these three years and if DOJ has had it and that FBI used it as a justification to raid Mar-a-Lago. It was a false justification when they could have just called their boss, the attorney general, and said, hey, here’s the binder, it’s with us in Washington, DC.

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